pinturas en Barcelona Grupo Inventia


In Grupo Inventia have a team of professionals to paint your integral reform in Barcelona area. Upon completion of the works of your reform will proceed to painting the home of a professional and personalized manner, as we adjust both your taste and your budget.

When this polishing the project, will participate in the choice of colors. We have an extensive catalog of paintings and you can choose the one you like.

Our interiorismo department develops 3D renders so you can see the end result of the work, including painting, and to make the changes that you consider appropriate.

The 3D renders and the personalized quote will delivered without any compromise. To them, you should just contact us.

During the initial phase of your kitchen reform you will receive personalized advice both from our interior as by the site manager assigned to the project, which will oversee day to day work and will contact you if necessary.

We only work with reliable suppliers and leaders brands for the best results when conducting phase is achieved painting. We will improve the image of your home without any unforeseen.

With Grupo Inventia all are advantages! We dedicate 100% to your kitchen reform and feedback will be mutual. Remember that we adapt to you and your needs: you tell us your idea and we become reality!