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Get a functional and equipped bathroom

Although we do not live in it, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our home. In this space we carry out all our daily hygiene activities, so that this stay, more than any, has to present a much more careful appearance and cleanliness.

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In the Grupo Inventia house renovation company, in addition to completing full-fledged home renovations, we also carry out partial refurbishments, and those dedicated to the bathroom are one of them. Whether due to the passage of time or the need to improve the design of the stay, many people come to our offices with the desire to elaborate and carry out a bathroom renovation that meets their expectations.

Below we will discuss some of the keys to enjoying a bathroom that offers the highest performance and functionality in its use. Both in everyday life and in the most relaxed moments.

Complete sanitary equipment

One of the key parts of a bathroom is its sanitary equipment. In order for a bathroom to be ready for the best conditions, it must have complete sanitary equipment. By this we mean that at least one sink, with or without built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a water area, must be present. In the latter aspect, it will depend on the space available and our preferences when installing a shower or bathtub.

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In addition to all this, the bathroom can be complemented with other elements such as a bidet, electric radiator, bathroom mirror or extra storage space, whether cabinets or shelves.

Image and brightness

By experience, the shades that best fit and the most chosen for an interior design bathroom are neutral. By them we understand white, beige, soft shades of gray, etc. Whether for tiling or painting the wall, these colors will help to create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. In addition, the use of these shades, whether separately or in combination, will create a greater sense of luminosity and visual amplitude in the bathroom.

As for the luminosity appearance in the bathroom, if there is natural light it is a plus, but we need to complement it with a good installation of artificial light. In this case, the bulbs or spotlights need to be placed in the dressing room as this is the space where we will need to enhance this element further. The bullfighting lights are an alternative, discreet and functional.

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Bathroom renovations in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we have a department that specializes in equipment and bathroom renovations. You can request any type of information by calling us on 93 209 97 17, we will assist you in a personalized way and without any obligation.