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House renovations projects in Barcelona

In our company of house renovations in Barcelona we are aware that the steps prior to a renovation of house are the most important. That’s why Grupo Inventia has a department specializing in interior design and decoration. If you need to carry out the house renovation of your home, with us you will have prior advice in personalized interior design, professional and adjusted to your needs.

Before signing any document or starting any type of work, Grupo Inventia performs an efficient house renovation project. This has two important points when it comes to making a decision of this importance: it is free and without any commitment, in the same way that the quote that we also deliver.

Renders 3D

For the previous work of house renovation, we support 3D renders. After a previous visit to the home and taking the appropriate measures, our interior design department produces precise 3D renders with the future result of the work of the house renovation.

Thanks to this the owners can get an idea of the final image and if they consider it appropriate to modify colors or distributions.

Quality interior design

In our company of house renovations in Barcelona we also carry out a series of visits prior to showrooms. In them the owners of the property can see all the materials with which we work, offering quality products and leading brands in each sector.

Each one of them will be attended by one of our interior designers, which will explain all the details that must be highlighted in the material itself, as well as the benefits that it can bring to the house renovation.

House renovations in Barcelona

For Grupo Inventia this process prior to house renovation is essential for the owner to have a clear idea of how we work and all the services and personalized work we can offer them.

It should be emphasized again that both the house renovation project and the budget are elaborated without any commitment and that they do not incur any cost, they are free. To request it, you just have to contact us by filling out the web form, by calling 93 209 97 17 or by writing to