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House renovation in Verdi street of Barcelona

We continue to deliver house renovation projects in Barcelona. Now we have finished the improvement of a flat located in Verdi street. We have been responsible for applying a new interior design in all areas and equipping key spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom. All this based on the needs expressed by the owners.

Thanks to our versatility as a renovation company, we can adapt to all decorative styles. Our budgets are adjusted to each case without renouncing the best qualities on the market. To see the completion of this comprehensive reform in Verdi street, we share the following video.

Exposed brick roof

One of the most striking aspects in the new image of this floor is the ceiling of the main living room. It is a high exposed brick ceiling that we have undertaken to completely restore. Now the ceiling of the living room is presented with the classic Barcelona image: high and volta catalana ceilings.

Following in the wake of this modern image with rustic touches, we have placed a parquet imitation ceramic floor. In this way we have given warmth to spaces such as the living room or the bedrooms with a resistant and durable material. At the time of presenting the project, our interior designers in Barcelona have been responsible for making accurate 3D renderings.

To paint the walls we have chosen a soft shade of beige. It adapts perfectly to the warm environment of contemporary design and allows light to flow throughout the floor. In addition, it creates a nice contrast with other elements such as the new white doors, the plinths and also the sliding windows.

L-shaped kitchen

The kitchen is located in its own space, although it has open access without a door. This factor allows you to have an independent kitchen while connected to the main area of the floor. We have adapted to the available space and made a kitchen with an L-shaped layout. This way, excellent mobility is achieved and each new element is placed in the most functional place.

This kitchen renovation has two countertops that have been equipped with a sink and a three-burner stove. It has storage capacity in the lower and upper parts of the worktop. The oven has been integrated just below the cooking plate. For its part, the refrigerator is placed in a custom-made hole at the end of the left side of the kitchen.

The image of this kitchen in Barcelona follows the general line of the rest of the floor. The lower part of the kitchen furniture is beige and the upper cabinets have a very elegant wood finish. For the new kitchen floor, the same ceramic imitation wood floor has been laid.

Modern bathroom

We have also taken care of the bathroom renovation so that it is in conjunction with the rest of the new developments. Our specialists have been responsible for applying a new image to the toilet area and equipping it with modern and functional sanitary pieces. Now the bathroom is ready to offer the best performance.

We have installed a circular design washbasin on the worktop with storage furniture in its lower part. On its side we have also anchored a vertical wardrobe that expands the storage capacity in the bathroom. It is accompanied by a toilet with a cistern in the back and a water area.

This last element is a shower tray that is protected by transparent sliding door screens. For the new image, the general dynamic of this house renovation has been followed. The walls have been tiled with beige tiles and the shower wall with tiles that imitate wood. In general, we have achieved a bathroom with a modern image and functional use.

Renovation budget

For us, each house renovation is unique and adapted to your tastes and needs. You can request your estimate without obligation by calling 93 209 97 17. One of our professionals will attend you personally.