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Ideas to decorate your home with houseplants

9 April, 2020 · Blog · Tags:

In addition to helping to improve the image of the homes that we house renovations in Grupo Inventia, from the interior design department we are always interested in bringing ideas and tips for home decoration. This time we are going to see the advantages and strengths that indoor plants offer us in home decoration.

decorar plantas interior

For the work we do, we understand that the contemporary decorative style is the most used when defining the image of a house. The combination of neutral colors allows us to get rooms with a very pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. It is also suitable for a wide range of decorative objects and among them are houseplants.

A point of color

When looking for a warm and comfortable environment, we tend to opt for colors such as beige or white for the walls. In this way it will be very easy to combine it with elements in earth colors, gray or wood finishes. However, a touch of bright color will bring a lot of freshness to the space in question and that is where decorative houseplants appear.

decorar plantas interior

These can be used in any room, with the livingroom or bedrooms being the most prone. Although they also have a place in spaces such as the hall, the kitchen or the bathrooms. In these last two they will combine very well when we have white furniture or tiles.

Decorative houseplants

With the above, it is assumed that we are not referring to large plants such as those that we can have on our balcony or terrace, but to small pockets of life and color. Whether they are the usual green color or colored flowers, freshness will spread throughout the space, fitting perfectly into the general decoration.

If in our livingroom we have some type of bookshelf or bookcase, there is nothing better than cactus to put the icing on the cake to our decoration. It is a very resistant houseplant and with its own image that is capable of fitting into any environment. Also, if we have some free space on the ground, or some uncrowned base, we can choose plants with a little more height and that are adorned with their large leaves. Always keeping in mind that they can be in closed spaces.

Interior design and decoration ideas

decorar plantas interior

In addition to being a leading house renovation company in the sector, Grupo Inventia’s interior design department advises you in a personalized way on everything related to home decoration. To learn more about our services you can call us at 93 209 97 17 and we will assist you without obligation.