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Interior design and neutral colors in the bathroom

18 January, 2021 · Blog · Tags:

When choosing the interior design of our home we must take into account all the rooms. To create a homogeneous image the spaces of our house must look similar and follow the lines of a decorative style. From the living room and bedrooms to the kitchen and bathroom, space we are going to talk about.

As a company specializing in interior design and renovations, Grupo Inventia has departments specializing in both interior design and bathroom renovations. The union of both guarantees a perfect result both in image and in the functionality of your medical equipment. In the video that we share and that you can see in our Youtube channel we present some works of interior design in Barcelona and bathroom renovation.

Neutral colors for the bathroom

Our work when designing projects is daily and constant. Many owners are interested in our services and each project is accompanied by a detailed budget and a 3D render with which it will be the new image of the most important rooms. A large majority of them are made on the basis of a contemporary interior design, one of the most requested design options today.

This is a type of interior design in which neutral colors have a strong presence. Beige, white or gray finishes are part of this interior design so in demand in both comprehensive renovations and bathroom renovations. Its neutral image creates a very pleasant and perfect atmosphere for a space of daily use such as the bathroom.

azulejos blancos baño

A basic outline of a contemporary interior design bathroom could be as follows. Tiled walls with beige or white tiles and a gray stoneware pavement. This is a safe option and a total success for the new image of the bathroom. In turn, there are other very valid options. White meter tiles help to achieve a modern image, while imitation parquet ceramic floors are also one of the most popular options.

Amplitude and brightness

As we have mentioned, the contemporary style interior design helps to create a pleasant and fresh atmosphere in the bathroom. A style opposite to that of recharged bathrooms and without harmony. Using this type of finish, it is possible to generate very bright and visually spacious spaces. Indispensable features in a room that must look its best every day.

diseño de baños

Another advantage that we can point out is that neutral colors allow the introduction of other types of finishes. For example, for the washbasin cabinet, both a wood finish and a white or beige finish will fit perfectly. Applying a contemporary interior design in the bathroom gives us many possibilities and all right.

Interior design in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we offer tailor-made and personalized work of interior design in Barcelona and nearby towns. You can request yours at no cost or commitment by calling 93 209 97 17 or filling out this web form.