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Renovations in Barcelona: before and after Verdi street

We want to compare the before and after of the house renovation that we have completed in Verdi street in Barcelona. In this apartment we have been responsible for applying a new interior design, repairing all the installations and equipping key spaces such as the kitchen and the bathroom. All based on the needs and preferences of the owners.

And it is that our renovations in Barcelona are made to measure and with a budget adapted to each case. This way we can turn flats into real homes like this one on Verdi in Barcelona street. You can see the completion of this house renovation in the following video. To know our projects, we invite you to follow us on social networks.

Modern interiors

One of the first changes that must be established in a house renovation is the new interior design. In this way, we will be able to more easily choose all the paint, the style of flooring, the color of the doors or the finishes of the furniture. As specialists renovations in Barcelona, we have a very varied catalog and excellent interior designers.

The new image of this Barcelona apartment is framed by contemporary interior design. The objective is to give all the areas of the fall a greater feeling of spaciousness and brightness. We achieved this by using neutral tones to paint the walls and placing a wooden imitation ceramic floor.

Now areas like the living room and the bedrooms are painted beige and have a warm and cozy atmosphere. In the same way, both natural and artificial light can easily flow throughout the floor. The new white doors, as well as the plinths and frames, contrast very subtly with the color of the walls.

Modern kitchen

We found the kitchen in its original location. In this sense we have been in charge of installing the new furniture and kitchen equipment. The kitchen maintains the original L-shaped distribution, as it adapts perfectly to the available space. In this way we have managed to provide it with excellent mobility.

In the main part of the kitchen, a worktop has been placed equipped with a three-burner hob and an integrated oven just below. Both the upper part and the interior have wardrobes and drawers for storage. The worktop turns to the left and gives way to a second section of worktop equipped with a sink. At the end we have made a custom-made hole to integrate the refrigerator.

With the kitchen renovation we have also renewed the image of the room. We have continued in the general design of the house using neutral tones in the new kitchen furniture. The lower part and the worktop are white and the upper cabinets have wooden finishes. Combine with parquet imitation ceramic flooring.

Functional bathroom

The new bathroom is also kept in the original location, although with a new image and modern sanitary equipment. Our catalog of bathroom renovations adapts to all types of toilet areas and we can offer a wide variety of possibilities. In addition, we work with proven brands that guarantee you the best performance.

A vertical wardrobe has been placed just to the left of the entrance that provides storage in the bathroom. We have then installed a floating toilet that has a piece of furniture with two drawers in its lower part. Next to it we have placed the new toilet and at the back of the room is the shower tray. This last element is protected by sliding door screens.

The new image of this bathroom renovation also follows the general decorative line of the whole house. We have tiled the walls with white tiles so that the wooden finishes of the new bathroom furniture stand out. This contrast is accentuated more with the imitation wood tiles that we have used on the shower wall.

Budget for renovations in Barcelona

We develop tailor-made and exclusive projects of renovations in Barcelona for you. We accompany you with a detailed budget that we give you without obligation. To request it, call us on 93 209 97 17 and one of our professionals will assist you personally.