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Interior design

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Interior design in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia we are aware that a picture is worth a thousand words. It is for this reason that our house renovation projects in and around Barcelona are accompanied by precise 3D renderings prepared by our interior design department that show what the final result of the work to be done will be. These designs in which you can see your new home before carrying out any type of work accompany the project and budget of your home renovation.

Once you request it, our team will work to deliver everything to you in the shortest possible time and without any cost or commitment. To get yours you can call us directly at 93 209 97 17 or write to us at We will schedule an appointment and one of our technical architects will visit your home to take action and pass the details of the distribution and equipment to our interior design department.

Interior design experts

Every renovation must be accompanied by an interior design project and in Grupo Inventia we have the best team. With the data collected in the initial visit, which will not involve any cost or commitment, interior designers will begin to work to create the 3D renderings of your comprehensive renovation.

Once the whole project is ready, we will give it to you and comment on the general details, including these 3D designs. In them you can see the result of your future home with the advantage of being able to make any changes you deem appropriate. For example, if at first you wanted a linear distribution kitchen and you have doubts, we can prepare another 3D render in which it is on two fronts. In the same way that you can choose the finishes of the tiles, the color of the paint or the type of pavement. These are designs that are close to reality and can be modified thanks to the extensive experience of our interior designers.

Tailor-made project

As we have mentioned, not only will we make these 3D renderings based on your needs, but you will receive personalized advice from the interior designer in charge of your project. Having professional support guarantees you choose the best option. If you have doubts between two options, our interior design experts will explain the strengths of each one so that it is much easier for you to choose.

The personalized advice we offer at Grupo Inventia goes beyond the design of these 3D renderings. When choosing materials, both in our offices and in the showrooms we work with, your interior designer will accompany you personally to show you everything that fits within the budget and be able to choose every new detail of your new home.

During the construction process, the figure of the interior designer will follow you. In the same way that you can contact the technical architect in charge of the project, you can also do so with your interior designer. Especially if there are still some details to choose from, because if you want you can stagger the selection of materials.

Quality materials

The objective of Grupo Inventia is to offer you materials that guarantee the best services and that maintain a quality-price ratio in accordance with what you need. Among our catalogs we have a wide variety of options for each item. From details such as switches, plinths or door handles, to all kinds of tiles for the bathroom and kitchen, home or flooring equipment.

We work with the best distributors in the interior design sector and you will also have the support of a specialist in interior design. Getting the new image you want for your home with excellent quality will be very easy. Grupo Inventia’s way of acting is different from prefabricated projects and for which you have to pay to see them. In our company we bet on a personalized and tailored interior design service for each client, because each client is unique.