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Integral renovations in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia – House renovations in Barcelona

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At Grupo Inventia, an house renovation company in Barcelona, we have the necessary and proven experience to offer you the best housing rehabilitation services. After years of working in the sector of house renovations, Grupo Inventia is located as one of the most contrasted companies in the city of Barcelona as well as in localities nearby.

Our offer covers a wide range of possibilities, as well as developing house renovation projects, we also carry out partial rehabilitation work or commercial premises. Our team works with the best brands and professionals in the market, offering an excellent service. All this focused on the owner having a home that offers the best benefits.

Project and quote without commitment

Grupo Inventia trusts blindly in its possibilities. So much so that the house renovation project and the budget of it are delivered for free and without commitment. In addition, these are prepared in a personalized way and based on the needs of each owner.

You can contact Grupo Inventia either by phone (93 209 91 17) or by e-mail ( We will answer your contact without waiting and we will schedule a visit to be able to see the house to reform, to take measures, to listen to all the details of what is needed and thus to be able to prepare both the project and the quote.

To do this, one of our technical architects will visit the address and thus be able to deliver the data to our interior design department. This will be in charge of producing accurate 3D renderings so that the owner can make the changes that he deems appropriate. 3D designs will be part of the aforementioned house renovation project that will be delivered without any commitment and for free.

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Kitchen and bathroom renovation

Although Grupo Inventia will renew all the rooms of the home, there are some of them that need special attention. Given its daily use and importance, we have specialized departments in kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation.

Because these two rooms offer the best features and functionality in their use, we work with experts in the field and we only offer first class furniture and equipment. The entire catalog of options of Grupo Inventia is tested and ensures efficiency and durability.

If you do not need to renew your entire home and what you are looking for is a kitchen or bathroom renovation, we also offer projects for partial rehabilitation of housing. These work just like the previous ones, so that each interested owner receives a project based on their needs and a detailed budget. All this without any monetary cost for the interested party.

Interior design

In addition to having a team of qualified technical architects who will take care of everything that becomes the house renovation, the interior design department of Grupo Inventia will be responsible for the new image.

casa de obra nueva

In accordance with the interests of each owner, the interior design team in Barcelona of Grupo Inventia will carry out the project of the new interior design of the house to be reformed. Here you will get a great deal of 3D renders, based on the tastes and needs of each interested party.

In turn, our interior designers will provide personalized advice with each owner, orienting when choosing options, materials, colors or general decoration. Like the work team, Grupo Inventia’s interior design department has proven experience and many house renovation projects on the back.

House renovations in Barcelona

With proven experience and a myriad of house renovations in Barcelona successfully completed, Grupo Inventia becomes the best option for anyone who wants to renew their home. A personalized and adjusted project and quote, plus an unbreakable success in the finishes, are the bases with which Grupo Inventia has placed itself at the forefront of the sector of house renovations in Barcelona.

Recent projects

We offer full-service construction & renovation, which includes consultation, free estimate, design, supply of materials and installation.