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Integral renovations in Barcelona

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Are you thinking of a renovation for your home? Are you looking for the best professionals to carry it out? Haven’t found a project that fits your budget? At Grupo Inventia we understand all these questions and work to offer a different concept in the sector of house renovations so that you can renovate your home with the best finishes and equipment with excellent value for money.

Our work in the field of renovations in Barcelona involves direct contact with the property owner to be renovated. Both before starting the work and during the process of the same. We understand that it is a decision that must be supported by our professionals and that we must provide you with personalized and unique attention. To do this, we work following a script that gives you security and confidence.

First steps

It should be noted that all visits and meetings that take place before the signing of the contract do not involve any cost or commitment. As well as the delivery of the project and the elaboration of the budget of the renovation. At Grupo Inventia we want to offer you peace of mind and we don’t play with pressure. We want you to be able to decide with a solid project, elaborated especially for you and that does not suppose any expense to you.

The first step, once you contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 or writing to, is to visit the home you want to renovate. One of our technical architects will travel to the building to take the necessary measures and transfer your needs to the interior design team. In this way we can begin to prepare a project that will include detailed plans of distribution and facilities and 3D renderings that will allow you to see an approximate result of the completed work.

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House renovation process

Once you know our team and accept the project, you will receive personalized advice from one of our interior designers with extensive experience in house renovation work. They will guide you in choosing the new elements of your home, from flooring, painting, furniture, appliances, sanitary ware, etc. We have a wide variety of proposals in our offices located at Muntaner street 231 Principal Primera in Barcelona, although you can also visit several of the showrooms with which we work on our renovations.

As for the part of the work against with the support of one of our technical architects. Each of the renovations has its own, so the one assigned in your case will be available to comment on any details whenever you deem it necessary. In addition, you will receive daily information on the status and progress of the reform so that you can know all the aspects that have been worked on and the deadlines that remain.

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The best results

Our years of experience in the field of house renovations allow us to guarantee you the best results in your home renovation project. We share all the work done on our website and social media so you can see first hand our way of working and everything we can get.

Our versatility and having the best professionals in the field of renovations allow us to adapt to any style and any idea. Whenever the structure of the building allows us we will work to have what you want in any room. All this through a project focused on your needs and adjusting to your budget. The quality-price ratio we offer at Grupo Inventia has led us to be one of the leading companies in the sector. With an average of one hundred renovations a year, we are the first to demand professionalism and transparency for your renovation project to be a new success.

Recent projects

We offer full-service construction & renovation, which includes consultation, free estimate, design, supply of materials and installation.