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Pavement and parquet

In Grupo Inventia we work with the best pavement and parquets on the market. Our suppliers have extensive experience in the sector and in our catalog you can find the best pavements for your new home. We offer a wide variety in both types and finishes, guaranteeing the best performance in all of them.

We take care of all aspects of your home renovation and the pavement to be placed in your rooms is one of the most important. We adapt to all styles and work to unite the aspects of image and functionality. The pavement and parquet changes are integrated into the complete or partial renovation work. You can request your renovation project, which we deliver to you at no cost or commitment, by calling 93 209 97 17 or writing to One of our experts will contact you immediately.

Personalized advice

As in other aspects of the renovation of your home, when choosing the new pavement for your rooms you will receive personalized advice from our interior design team. You will be able to see first hand the offer we have for pavements, either in our offices in Muntaner street 231 Principal Primera in Barcelona or by visiting several showrooms we work with.

To make it more visual, our interior design team makes 3D renderings so you can see what the end result of the renovation work will be like before any work begins. Like the budget, we deliver these designs to you for free and without any commitment. The great advantage is that you will be able to make those changes that you consider opportune and thus be able to start the work with the chosen pavements.

Types of pavements

On the one hand we offer you personalized advice and tailor-made, on the other, a wide catalog of types of pavement to choose from. As we have mentioned, in Grupo Inventia we adapt to any decorative style. We offer all types of pavement and parquet, of different materials, colors and finishes. Always guaranteeing excellent quality and durability.

Do you want your new home to have warm and welcoming rooms? Nothing better than parquet flooring. For the new floor of rooms such as the livingroom, bedrooms, hallways, etc., we have a great offer in parquet. A type of pavement that fits perfectly with the idea of home. In addition to an extensive variety of colors and finishes, you can also choose between natural parquet or laminate flooring, made of high quality synthetic materials.

For spaces where the day to day is important we have many types of stoneware or hydraulic pavements. Durable and easy-to-maintain surfaces that are ideal for rooms such as the kitchen or bathrooms. With a stoneware pavement you will get immediate functionality, with the hydraulic pavement you will have a space with a lot of personality. In both cases, our catalog is extensive and you are sure to find the one that best fits your style.

Pavement installation

Once you have chosen the new pavement for your home, our construction team will take care of its placement and cleaning. The technical architect in charge of renovating your home, with whom you will have direct contact whenever you need it, will guide the work so that the result is as expected, excellent and without failures.

In the following photo gallery you can see some of the work we have done and how the new pavement and parquet look in the different rooms. To request any type of information, to know more about our way of working or what types of pavements we can offer you in your home renovation, you can call us without any commitment to our telephone number 93 209 97 17.