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Pavement and parquet

In the company of house renovations Grupo Inventia, we have all the necessary elements in terms of house renovations, among which is the pavement. The renovation of a home involves in the vast majority of cases a renovation of the pavement, since this one has to adapt to the new interior design of the house.

For this reason Grupo Inventia has a wide catalog in pavements of all kinds, since the comfort of homeowners interested in rehabilitating your home happens to be able to choose between different options and choose the one with which they feel better. In our case, we do not talk about a generic floor that is offered so that it works, because it works so that each floor is available for the desired pavement.

Advice on interior design

As with the rest of the sections that integrate a house renovation, you will also have the advice of our interior design experts when choosing pavement. While each owner is free to choose the kind of land that he deems appropriate, they may ask for advice and ideas if they have any questions or need a second opinion.

For this, at Grupo Inventia we have a show room specialized in pavements of all kinds and for any room. In addition to the 3D interior design project that we will give you for free and without obligation when requesting your quote, we believe that being able to see the finishes, colors and textures of the materials is indispensable to guide you in the best choice .

Types of pavements

It would be difficult to deny that the parquet floor is one of the most preferred pavements when renovating the land of a home, although others such as the hydraulic pavement or the functional sandstone floor follow it closely. The question is to choose the appropriate pavement for each stay and here our interior design department appears to discuss the advantages that one or the other has.

There is no doubt that to modernize the appearance of a home the parquet floor is perfect. Their finishes in wood ensure warm, cozy rooms and a myriad of possibilities when it comes to decorating. That is why its presence in rooms such as the livingroom or the bedrooms is the most common, although in the case of open kitchens it is also a great option.

On the other hand, floors such as hydraulics or sandstone have more presence in rooms such as the kitchen or the bathrooms. The characteristics and the daily use of these rooms lead to the choice of a tough flooring that offers ease when it is always kept in the best conditions.

Installation of pavements and parquet

In addition to the previous advice from our interior design department, Grupo Inventia also has the professionals indicated for the correct placement of the flooring. Throughout the work of house renovation, the head of work in charge will be available to respond to any query regarding the work. The answer will be accurate and we will work to ensure that everything is in line with the initial renovation project.

It should be noted that Grupo Inventia only works with trusted brands and that offer the best features. With years of proven experience and with works carried out in both Barcelona and neighboring towns, pavement is one of the most important aspects of the house renovations of Grupo Inventia.

Choose the perfect pavement

If you are interested in a house renovation, you just have to contact us and schedule an appointment that will not entail any cost or commitment. One of our technical architects will move to your home to take the necessary measures and listen to your requirements. So we can elaborate the ideal renovation project for you.

Baño con pavimento hidráulico en baño de calle Miracle (Barcelona)
Baño con suelo de gres gris en Castelldefels
Cerámica con acabados en parquet en cocina de calle Rosselló (Barcelona)
Cocina con pavimento hidráulico en Rambla del Poble Nou (Barcelona)
Cocina y salón con parquet en Castelldefels
Cuarto de baño con pavimento hidráulico en calle Igualada de Barcelona
Pavimento de madera para exteriores en calle Arizala de Barcelona
Pavimento hidráulico en salón comedor (Còrsega de Barcelona)
Recibidor con parquet en calle Còrsega de Barcelona
Salón con parquet en calle Rosselló de Barcelona
Salón con parquet en Rambla del Poble Nou de Barcelona
Suelo de madera en terraza de calle Miracle (Barcelona)
Suelo de parquet en salón comedor de calle Pàvia (Barcelona)
Suelo hidráulico y parquet en cocina de calle Foneria (Barcelona)
Vestidor con parquet en calle Rosselló de Barcelona
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Grupo Inventia
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Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Reforma de saló
Livingroom reform
Livingroom reform
Pavimento Passeig de Sant Antoni
Acabados reforma de salón
Trabajos de pintura en salón
Salón amplio de color blanco
Trabajos de pintura en salón
Suelo de parquet