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Carpentry in Barcelona

When we prepare a home renovation project in Grupo Inventia we take into account all the details. This implies that in addition to improving the image and equipment of the rooms of your home, we will also take care of the renovation of each element. Among them we can find the doors, the windows, the plinths, manufacture and assembly of furniture… In short, carpentry work.

Among our departments we have a team of professionals in the carpentry sector. Able to get the image and design that best fits the style of your home. We offer both traditional wood carpentry and aluminum carpentry services. The latter is widely used when renovating windows.

Grupo Inventia’s carpentry services are integrated into a total or partial renovation of the home. We can improve both the doors of your livingroom or bedrooms and the windows of the kitchen or bathrooms. How to request your budget? You can call us at 93 209 97 17 or fill out this form. Both the project we deliver and the first visits are free and are not subject to any commitment.

First steps

Once you have contacted us, one of our technical architects will make an initial visit to your home to take action and write down all those improvements you want to carry out. From there, our interior design department will develop a renovation project that will include precise 3D renderings that will also reflect the carpentry work.

In this sense you can see and check if the proposal fits your tastes and needs. You can make any changes you deem appropriate both in the carpentry finishes and in the other plots. To develop this renovation project, our interior design department has a wide range of carpentry products, from which you can choose the ones you like best, always with the personalized and professional advice of our experts.

Wood carpentry

Wood carpentry plays a very important role in Grupo Inventia’s renovations projects. Doors or plinths are the most used elements, although any piece of furniture that you want to install must also be taken into account. Our catalog of doors is extensive and covers many possibilities in terms of design and finishes. Our carpentry proposals adapt to any decorative style, it will be easy to find the one you like best.

Among our offer of doors we can find the classic smooth ones, some with a more modern character with horizontal lines or doors with different designs. In turn, our carpentry experts work with all types of finishes and we can offer from doors with wood finishes to white or other colors.

Aluminum carpentry

Over time, aluminum carpentry has gained a very significant weight in the field of home renovations. Modern image, functional use, insulating capabilities, etc. These are just some of the benefits of this type of carpentry. Aware of this, in Grupo Inventia we have professional and specialized carpenters in the field of aluminum carpentry.

You can renovate your wooden windows or doors with aluminum ones and with the glass you need. With all the work done to date, experience tells us that the thermal and acoustic insulation capacity offered by aluminum carpentry are factors that the owners take into account when renovating the doors and, above all, windows of their home.

Carpentry in Barcelona

We have outlined in general terms that we can offer you in Grupo Inventia regarding carpentry in Barcelona. To know more about our services we invite you to continue browsing our website, where you can see all the renovation work we have done, and contact us to request any information.