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Renovations services

At Grupo Inventia we offer you all the renovation services necessary for the renovation of your home to be a success. We have specialized departments for each space to be renovated and our renovation services range from the general interior design of the home to the most specific equipment to be installed in each room. We listen to your needs and translate them into a personalized and tailor-made project.

Interior design

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Our renovation services include a complete interior design work that includes a series of 3D renderings that aim to show what the final result will be before the work begins. These designs are made by our own interior design department based on the tastes and needs of each owner. One of their advantages, in addition to approximating the final result of the reform, is that they allow any change to be made in order to start work with the best guarantees.

We will show you all kinds of materials and finishes for each section of the home. In our offices we have an exhibition so you can see pavements, tiles, countertops, paintings, etc., in addition to having at your disposal all the associated showrooms so you can go much deeper and choose those materials and elements that you like best. The renovation services we offer are very complete and all the details will be covered with the best options.

Personalized attention

At Grupo Inventia we are committed to a personalized follow-up of each project by our professionals. In addition to the personalized support provided by our interior design department, our renovation services are also joined by the technical architect in charge of the project. Its goal is to keep each owner informed at all times and to monitor the comprehensive renovation work on a daily basis. It will be available at all times for any consultation that is deemed necessary.

Interior and exterior renovations

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Although our largest volume of work is focused on the interior of homes, in Grupo Inventia we also have the best professionals to offer a complete service of exterior renovations. Whether linked to the global project or independently, we offer an excellent service in renovations of balconies, terraces or patios. We have a wide range of options for furniture, flooring and exterior paints.

Functional equipment

Appliances for the kitchen, sanitary ware for the bathroom, furniture for the living room or bedrooms, etc. Grupo Inventia’s renovations services go beyond a simple makeover. With us you can enjoy your new home from the first and with the best features. We work with leading brand and warranty distributors so you can equip each stay with what you need. Always offering excellent value for money.

Kitchens and bathrooms

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We work on partial renovation projects and that is why we also offer kitchen and bathroom renovations services. That is why we have specialists for each case who will advise you and show you all the elements to renew them. As in a complete home renovation you will receive your project accompanied by 3D renderings and a detailed budget tailored to your needs. All for free and without obligation.

You will have at your disposal the power to choose all types of appliances and sanitary ware. You will be able to get that decorative style that you have always dreamed of with a guarantee equipment and that will offer you the best benefits in its use.

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Budget without commitment

We prepare and deliver your budget for total or partial renovation services without incurring any expenses or commitments for you. Your project is free. At Grupo Inventia, we believe that trust and transparency are vital for a housing rehabilitation project to take place. This is a very important decision and for this reason we offer the greatest commitment to each owner. At no cost or commitment you will enjoy a personalized project and as we present you with our interior design and construction departments. We would be more than happy if our renovation services were involved in improving your home.