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Reformas integrales Barcelona, Llacuna (17)
Reforma Integral en Barcelona, calle Castillejos (24)
Reforma integral en Barcelona, Alfons XII (12)
Reforma integral en Barcelona, Alfons XII (18)
Reformas integrales Barcelona, Doctor Balari (27)
Reforma integral calle Casanova
Reforma integral en Barcelona, Marques Campo Sagrado (12)
Reforma integral La Palma de Cervelló (25)
Reforma integral calle Sant Idelfons Barcelona (20)
Reforma integral Barcelona, calle Torns (57)
Reforma integral Barcelona, Poble Nou (63)
Reforma integral en Barcelona, calle Sagunt (23)
Reforma integral San Just Desvern (72)
Reforma integral San Just Desvern (42)
Reforma de cocina en Barcelona (20)
Aseo con paredes blancas en Melcior de Palau de Barcelona
Cocina con tonos naranjas en calle Llançà de Barcelona
Comedor en gris (calle Rosselló Barcelona)
Cuarto de baño con paredes amarillas en calle València de Barcelona
Dormitorio azul y blanco en Avinguda Jordà de Barcelona
Dormitorio beige en calle Miracle de Barcelona
Dormitorio beige en calle Pàvia de Barcelona
Dormitorio blanco en calle Llançà (Barcelona)
Dormitorio infantil naranja en Vialanova i la Geltrú
Dormitorio morado en Avinguda Jordà de Barcelona
Dormitorio pintado en suave tono de gris (Catselldefels)
Pintura beige para salón en calle Blasco de Garay (Barcelona)
Recibidor blanco en calle Rosselló de Barcelona
Salón beige en Poble Nou de Barcelona
Salón blanco y luminoso en calle Anglí de Barcelona
Grupo Inventia
Dormitorio en azul en calle Coll
Grupo Inventia
Dormitorio de color verde en calle Sagrera
Pintura blanca en dormitorio de Castelao, L'Hospitalet
Sala de estar en blanco en calle Coll
Tonalidad gris para este dormitorio de calle Enamorats
Acabados en dormitorio
Pintura e instalación de pavimento
Reforma de cocina
Reforma de dormitorio

The home renovation services we offer at Grupo Inventia cover all the details. One of them is the painting work. In our company we offer a wide variety of paint so that your rooms look the way you want. Thanks to our versatility we adapt to any type of decorative style, so finding the colors and shades of paint that best fit you will be very easy.

We work with the best paint distributors, guaranteeing great finishes and excellent product quality. Our experience in painting work in Barcelona and the surrounding area guarantees us and we will be able to print a new image for your home with ease and with the best results.

First steps

As in other aspects, the painting works we offer at Grupo Inventia are integrated within a total renovation of the entire house or partial rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Whatever your need, the main thing is to make a first visit to your home. To do this, you can contact us by calling 93 209 97 17 or writing to One of our professionals will take care of you in a personalized way. Both this first visit and the project and the budget do not involve any cost or commitment.

One of our technical architects will travel to your home to take measurements and listen to what you need, including the colors you would like to painting the walls with. You can have first hand information on what types and colors of paints we have in our catalog. From there our interior design department will develop the project and use the paint tones you mentioned in the 3D renderings. This way you will be able to see the approximate result of the work before any work begins.

Personalized advice

The work of our interior design team continues, as you will have at your disposal the personalized advice of one of our interior designers. Based on your tastes and needs you will look for the best options. In turn, we will show you our catalog of painting both in our offices and in some showrooms, so you can see first hand the possible finishes.

You will also have a direct line with the technical architect in charge of your project. In addition to keeping up to date with the evolution of the work, you can also ask him any questions and he will be responsible for showing you how different shades of painting would look on the walls of your home. Our idea is that you can see any detail at all times and the new image of your home is important.

Paintings in Barcelona

As we have mentioned, we have a wide range of possibilities in painting and we adapt to any decorative style. If your idea is to have spacious and bright rooms, we will show you the types of paint that work best to achieve this. If you want your home to look modern as well as warm and cozy, no problem. At Grupo Inventia we imagine all kinds of possibilities and we have the right paintings for it.

Although the neutral tones will have an important weight in the general section, we also have paints of different colors to apply an extra color. Thanks to this we can offer stays of fresh image or stays a little more fun through the works of painting, as it would be the case of the children’s or youth dormitories.

We have a team of professional painters with many years of experience. Each piece of equipment in charge of your renovation project will work with the goal of achieving an excellent result and according to your needs. We remind you that the elaboration of the project and the budget, which includes the painting works, is free and without any commitment. You can easily request it by filling out this form.