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Electrical and plumbing installations 

Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia

In Inventia Group we are specialists in electrical and plumbing installations in integral reforms of apartments, offices and commercial premises.

We have a team of professionals able to place all facilities or renovate your installations of your home or business. With us you will have the latest in installations to do this, you just need to contact us.

When we prepare the draft an integral reform of your home or business, we will advise for you to decide that installations would have air conditioning, heating, home automation, etc.

In addition to performing any installation, we will also revise all your installations are up to date. Any problem with electrical or plumbing installations can be remedied with total professionalism.

We only work with reliable suppliers and leaders brands to achieve the best results in your integral reform. We will improve the installations of your home without any unforeseen.

With Grupo Inventia all are advantages! We dedicate 100% to your kitchen reform and feedback will be mutual. Remember that we adapt to you and your needs: you tell us your idea and we become reality!