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Reforma de terraza - Terrassa (5)
Reforma de terraza - Terrassa (16)
Reforma de terraza - Terrassa (11)
Reforma Integral Badalona - calle Rivero (62)
Reforma Integral Badalona - calle Rivero (67)
Balcón rehabilitado
Rehabilitación de balcón
Acabados exteriores
Trabajos de reforma de terraza
Acabados reforma exterior
Balcón rehabilitado en calle Harmonia
Terraza con parquet en calle Diputació
Amplia terraza en calle Coll
Rehabilitación de balcón en calle Castelao
Terraza en Navas de Tolosa
Terraza rehabilitada en calle Foneria (Barcelona)
Terraza rehabilitada en calle Arizala de Barcelona
Terraza reformada en calle Pàvia de Barcelona
Terraza con escalera en calle Pàvia de Barcelona
Rehabilitación de terraza en calle Pàvia de Barcelona
Puertas correderas en balcón en Castelldefels
Balcón rehabilitado en calle Rosselló de Barcelona
Balcón reformado en calle Arizala de Barcelona
Reformas en Barcelona (1)
Reforma integral en Barcelona (10)
Reforma integral en Barcelona (15)
Reformas integrales en Rubí (42)
Reformas integrales en Rubí (36)
Reformas Barcelona - calle Aragó (74)
Reformas Barcelona - calle Aragó (72)
Reforma integral Barcelona y mobiliario (28)
Reforma integral Barcelona y mobiliario (25)

Exterior renovations in Barcelona

Do you need to renovate the terrace, balcony or any outdoor space in your home? At Grupo Inventia we have the best professionals to carry out all types of exterior renovations in homes in Barcelona and nearby towns. We offer a personalized and tailor-made service offering the best options in exterior renovations.

If you are interested in renovating an outdoor area of your home you can call us on 93 209 97 17 or write to us at We will prepare an exterior renovation project and budget that we will deliver to you free of charge and without any commitment. Carrying out any type of renovation is a very important decision and at Grupo Inventia we want to offer all our confidence and experience.

First visit

Exterior renovations follow the same procedure as interior renovations. In fact they can be made together or independently according to your needs. By contacting us we will schedule a visit and one of our technical architects will travel to your home, at no cost or commitment. Once there you will take the appropriate steps to draw up the project plans and there will be a first contact with your ideas and what you need.

With all this information, our exterior designers will draw up a detailed project and budget for your exterior renovation. Before accepting the project, any modifications deemed appropriate may be carried out. You will also be able to see all the materials and finishes we work with for exterior renovations. Always with the advice of one of our professionals, who will guide you and comment on the advantages that each element would bring.

Resistant floors

At Grupo Inventia we work with the best suppliers of material for exterior renovations. We have a wide range of pavements for terraces and balconies, as due to the weather exposure we need the most resistant materials. We adapt to all types of styles, so that in your exterior renovation you can choose between special wooden floors for exteriors, stone pavements and all kinds of surfaces adapted for exteriors.

In the exterior renovations that we have carried out we have worked with all types of pavements and in all cases we have achieved an optimal result. We have the right professionals both to establish the design and to carry out the work. In turn we also offer the best guarantees to replace the windows or doors that give access to the outdoor space.

Exterior design

Specific materials for exterior renovations must be chosen and located in the most correct way possible. This is where our exterior design specialists come in. With a wide and proven experience, they will advise you in a personalized way in everything you need, from the choice of materials to the most suitable colors for the walls of your terrace or balcony.

Both the landscapers and the project manager in charge of the project will be available for your consultations at all times whenever you need them. Whether in exterior renovations or interior renovations, we attach paramount importance to contacting each owner. In addition to being able to make your inquiries, you will also receive notifications and notes from day to day throughout the process of your exterior renovation.

Exterior renovations in Barcelona

From Grupo Inventia we put at your disposal the best professionals in the sector. Our years of experience and completed projects allow us to work with the best distributors and the best market brands so that your exterior reform is a total success. To request your project and budget, without costs or commitment, you can call our offices on 93 209 97 17, one of our professionals will attend to you in a personalized way and will explain the entire exterior renovation procedure.