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Kitchen reforms

reforma integral en Comptes de Bell-lloc Barcelona (47)
reforma y mobiliario Rambla Badal Barcelona (44)
reforma de cocina Arquitecte Millàs Barcelona (4)
reforma integral en Vilanova i la Geltrú (5)
reforma integral en Vilanova i la Geltrú (13)
reforma integral calle Sant Eusebi de Barcelona (6)
reforma integral calle Sardenya de Barcelona (14)
reforma integral calle Sardenya de Barcelona (15)
reforma integral y mobiliario Martorell (1)
reforma integral y mobiliario Martorell (17)
reforma cocina Manuel Girona Barcelona (1)
reforma cocina Manuel Girona Barcelona (16)
reforma cocina Manuel Girona Barcelona (19)
Cocina a dos frentes en calle Palllars (Barcelona)
Cocina abierta (calle Còrsega Barcelona)
Cocina abierta al salón (calle Pallars de Barcelona)
Cocina abierta en calle Pàvia de Barcelona
Cocina abierta y lineal en calle Independència (Barcelona)
Cocina blanca en Blasco de Garay de Barcelona
Cocina con isla en Esplugues de Llobregat
Cocina con isla en Vilanova
Cocina en calle Còrsega (Barcelona)
Cocina en calle Rosselló (Barcelona)
Cocina en forma de U (calle Rosselló Barcelona)
Cocina en L en calle Arizala de Barcelona
Cocina en Ramba del Poble Nou (Barcelona)
Cocina en Travessera de les Corts (Barcelona)
Cocina lineal en calle Miracle de Barcelona
Cocina lineal en calle Pavia de Barcelona
Cocina minimalista en Avinguda Jordà de Barcelona
Cocina reformada en calle Rosselló (Barcelona)
Cocina reformada y equipada en calle Pàvia de Barcelona
Cocina roja en Avinguda Drassanes de Barcelona
Reforma de cocina abierta en calle Foneria (Barcelona)
Reforma de cocina en calle Llançà de Barcelona
Reforma de cocina en calle Pàvia de Barcelona
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Cocina reformada y equipada
Cuina reformada i equipada
Reforma de cuina
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Cocina equipada
Cocina equipada
Cocina equipada
Cocina distribuida en forma de U
Cocina abierta al salón
Almacenaje cocina
Reforma de cocina en calle València de Barcelona
Encimera en L
Cocina amueblada
Encimera blanca
Reforma de cocina en Molins de Rei
Cocina a dos frentes
Reforma de cocina en L
Placa vitrocerámica
Microondas encastrado
Reforma de cocina en Barcelona
Mueble de cocina blanco
Cocina en L
Acabados cocina
Encimera gris
Cocina en L
Reforma de cocina
Cocina lineal
Cocina de tres fogones
Reforma de cocina en Barcelona
Cocina reformada
Mueble de cocina blanco
Reforma de cocina

Doing the rehabilitation of your home is a very important decision, which is why it is always advisable to choose the company from the house renovations that will be carried out. At Grupo Inventia we offer you years of experience and exceptional results. After years in the sector of house renovations, Grupo Inventia offers a personalized service that is adapted to the needs of each owner, working one at a time in all the rooms of the home.

Among them is the kitchen, one of the most important and necessary in any home. At Grupo Inventia we have a specialized kitchen renovation department that will guide you from the beginning to the end, advising you when making decisions and choosing the new materials and equipment.

Kitchen interior design

Once the first visit to the home has been done, our kitchen renovation department in Barcelona will start the project. The instructions expressed by the owner will be reflected in it and 3D renders will be made so that it can see an approximation to the final result of the work. This kitchen renovation project is delivered along with a detailed quote, both for free and without any commitment.

Whether it is a complete house renovation or a partial renovation, Grupo Inventia is at your service without any pressure. The rehabilitation works will start if the owners accept the project.

For a kitchen renovation, our interior design department in Barcelona takes into account all the possibilities, offering several options for distribution. Open, linear, L-shaped kitchen, two fronts, etc., we adapt to the needs of the owners and shape their ideas, including the changes that are convenient and possible to make.

Kitchen equipment

As with any aspect of the home, Grupo Inventia works with trusted suppliers and first brands for kitchen renovation. We guarantee that both furniture materials and appliances will be durable and offer the best features when making use of them.

Our catalog covers a wide range of finishes and colors for kitchen furniture and pavement. We also have a large range of electrical appliances, highlighting the most essential ones such as the refrigerator, oven or microwave. In the same way, we also have a catalog for dishwashers, washing machines or wine cellars.

Best materials

The kitchen renovations of Grupo Inventia are also characterized by the quality of the materials used in them. As with household appliances, we work with the best distributors of kitchen furnishings and elements. Taking as a reference the surface of the kitchen to be renovated, we adapt to the taste of the customer, who, oriented by our interior design department, can scan the distribution that you like.

From here, our work will be to offer the best options with regard to kitchen design and furniture. We have a wide range of possibilities when it comes to generating storage spaces, from drawers and cabinets integrated into the same kitchen cabinet to modules placed independently because the kitchen always presents the best aspect.

In turn, we offer many possibilities in colors as well as finishes of quality in stoves, tile of walls, pavements, appliances and any element of the kitchen. We have a wide variety of each of them because the room has the preferred interior design for each owner.

Kitchen renovations in Barcelona

After remarkable years of experience and a long list of kitchen renovations in Barcelona and surrounding areas successfully completed, Grupo Inventia becomes the best option to completely renovate this room, both in interior design and equipment. Our kitchens are characterized by offering the best features and functionality.

Carrying out a kitchen renovation had never been so simple, adding to this work a very competitive and adjusted price. Our interior design and construction work departments offer personalized advice and will always be available to solve any topic to comment on. With Grupo Inventia the possibilities of a kitchen renovation are endless and all of them will agree with the desire of each owner.