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Kitchen reforms

Cocina a dos frentes en calle Palllars (Barcelona)
Cocina abierta (calle Còrsega Barcelona)
Cocina abierta al salón (calle Pallars de Barcelona)
Cocina abierta en calle Pàvia de Barcelona
Cocina abierta y lineal en calle Independència (Barcelona)
Cocina blanca en Blasco de Garay de Barcelona
Cocina con isla en Esplugues de Llobregat
Cocina con isla en Vilanova
Cocina en calle Còrsega (Barcelona)
Cocina en calle Rosselló (Barcelona)
Cocina en forma de U (calle Rosselló Barcelona)
Cocina en L en calle Arizala de Barcelona
Cocina en Ramba del Poble Nou (Barcelona)
Cocina en Travessera de les Corts (Barcelona)
Cocina lineal en calle Miracle de Barcelona
Cocina lineal en calle Pavia de Barcelona
Cocina minimalista en Avinguda Jordà de Barcelona
Cocina reformada en calle Rosselló (Barcelona)
Cocina reformada y equipada en calle Pàvia de Barcelona
Cocina roja en Avinguda Drassanes de Barcelona
Reforma de cocina abierta en calle Foneria (Barcelona)
Reforma de cocina en calle Llançà de Barcelona
Reforma de cocina en calle Pàvia de Barcelona
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Cocina reformada y equipada
Cuina reformada i equipada
Reforma de cuina
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Grupo Inventia
Cocina equipada
Cocina equipada
Cocina equipada

In Grupo Inventia we specialize in kitchen reforms in Barcelona area. We perform your kitchen reform in a professional and personalized manner, as we adjust both your needs and your budget.

We have an expert team in kitchen reforms of any kind: functional kitchens, design, high-end, etc. In addition, you will participate actively in the initial process of your kitchen reform, where you can choose your distribution, materials or colors.

After meeting with you and explain to us how you would like your reform kitchen, totally without compromise, our department of interior design draw the 3D renders so you can see the end result of the work and to make the changes you deem fit.

The 3D renders and the personalized quote will delivered without any compromise. To them, you should just contact us.

During the initial phase of your kitchen reform you will receive personalized advice both from our interior as by the site manager assigned to the project, which will oversee day to day work and will contact you if necessary.

We only work with reputable suppliers and leaders brands for the best result is achieved in your kitchen reform. We will improve the image and the equipment of your kitchen without any unforeseen.

With Grupo Inventia all are advantages! We dedicate 100% to your kitchen reform and feedback will be mutual. Remember that we adapt to you and your needs: you tell us your idea and we become reality!