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Bathroom renovation on Avinguda Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona

One of our most recent renovation works takes us to Avinguda Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. We have completely renovated the main bathroom of the house. With many years of accumulated experience we offer complete bathroom renovations adapted to any need.

In our renovation company we take care of total and partial renovations. Within the second section, the bathroom and kitchen renovations are the most requested. Thanks to our versatility we can adapt to all decorative styles. We also have a wide variety of high quality options covering all price ranges.

In this bathroom renovation in Barcelona we have applied all our records. From the improvement of the image to the correct installation of the new sanitary ware. We will discuss all this throughout this post, although we have previously shared a video. In it we show the general finishes of this work and we invite you to follow our Youtube channel to see many more.

New toilets

One of the essential improvements in any bathroom renovation is the installation of new sanitary equipment. In Grupo Inventia we have an extensive catalog of sanitary ware for the bathroom. Our goal is to give each homeowner what they want and need for their new bathroom.

In this bathroom in Barcelona, the installation of three new sanitary ware has been chosen. The goal of creating a fully equipped and functional space has been achieved. The new floating washbasin with storage capacity has been placed on the right side. It offers a large breast plus a countertop space to support bathroom items or decorative objects. For its part, the storage drawer guarantees a perfect organization for the bathroom.

The new toilet has been installed right in front. It is presented in a classic image with the cistern on the back. In turn, it has modern lines that fit perfectly in a modern bathroom. Our bathroom renovation offer includes several options for your new toilet, including floating toilets.

The water area has also been improved in this bathroom renovation in Barcelona. It now has a well-protected built-in shower. In a large shower tray that is protected by transparent and opaque sliding door partitions. In this way the rest of the space is well protected from splashes.

Modern bathroom design

In addition to installing the new sanitary equipment in this bathroom renovation, we have also improved the overall image. Our interior designers in Barcelona have been in charge of preparing an interior design project according to the needs of the owners. This time we have worked on a contemporary design framed in neutral and pleasant tones.

The walls have been completely tiled with beige and rectangular tiles. This color allows the light to spread throughout the room creating a very cozy space. This is an essential feature in a space of daily use and as important as the bathroom.

This neutral color allows you to introduce other shades in line with contemporary design. For example, the washbasin cabinet is presented in a dark wood tone. The new pavement is also a different color. Special gray square and square tiles have been placed for bathrooms.

The surface of the new pavement guarantees a great simplicity to the hour of his cleaning and maintenance. In the visual section they are ideal to enhance the warmth and personality of this bathroom renovation. Other items such as the bathroom mirror have also been placed. In this case square and with built-in LED light option.

Bathroom renovation budget

Bathroom renovations are one of Grupo Inventia’s specialties. We offer a personalized service and advice throughout the construction process. Before we begin we create some 3D renderings so that an approximate result can be appreciated. The works will not start until the project is 100% approved by the owners.

To request your project plus a renovation budget you can call us on 93 209 97 17. We will have it ready in a few days and we will deliver it to you without any commitment.