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Bathroom renovation in Vallespir street  in Barcelona

We have taken it upon ourselves to bathroom renovation in Barcelona, specifically in Vallespir street. It is a complete work where we have improved both the design and the facilities. It is now a modern and functional cleaning space, ready to offer the best performance in its use.

Thanks to our versatility as a renovation company, we can adapt to all kinds of demands. On this occasion we have fulfilled all the needs of the owners. We advised them at all times and they were able to choose materials from a wide catalog of options.

New sanitary

One of the improvements that every bathroom renovation requires is the change of sanitary ware. Whether due to wear and tear from daily use or a total breakdown, it is advisable to check them. In this case, we have installed three sanitary pieces of moderate design and functional use. It is a cleaning space that can be used both in daily traffic and in more relaxed moments.

In the central part we have installed a sink with a piece of furniture with two drawers for storage. This way you can organize all your hygiene products perfectly. On the right side we have placed the toilet, with modern lines and with the cistern at the back. Finally, the shower area is located on the left side of the bathroom.

We opted for a rectangular shower tray that is protected by sliding door screens. Since they are transparent, they do not take up any visual space in the bathroom. In the same way we have placed other elements such as the bathroom mirror, located above the toilet. We also added more storage with a vertical cabinet that we anchored next to the toilet.

Bathroom design

For the new image of the bathroom we have opted for a contemporary design with neutral tones as protagonists. With this work, the aim is to enhance the luminosity and the feeling of spaciousness. These are two key features to create a pleasant atmosphere in an area of daily use.

In this way, we have tiled the walls with beige tiles, the same color as the floor tiles. In addition to a very pleasant image, it is a surface that is easy to clean and easy to maintain. We have also applied wood finishes, such as the toilet furniture and the auxiliary bathroom cabinet.

Bathroom renovation budget

As specialists in bathroom renovations, we are in charge of improving your cleaning space in a personalized way. You can contact us on 93 209 97 17 and request your estimate without obligation.