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Before and after house renovation: Rosselló street

One of the renovations that we have recently finished takes us to Rosselló street in Barcelona. It has been a complete job that has involved improvements in design and facilities. To fully appreciate the changes we have made, we will compare the before and after house renovation.

We have also undertaken a redistribution of rooms to create more spacious and functional spaces. In this sense, our versatility as a renovation company makes it easy for us to adapt to all kinds of needs. To appreciate before and after house renovation we share the following video. If you want to know more projects follow us on social networks.

New kitchen

The kitchen space can be seen very well before and after house renovation. It is now a more spacious kitchen with an open entrance. Therefore, we removed the door that made it independent to generate more fluidity. It is located in the original place, although it has more functional and better furniture.

In this kitchen renovation, we removed the original furniture and placed a new one with the elements well distributed. The kitchen now has three sections of kitchen counter, each with a function. Whereas before they were in the same place, we have now installed the hob on the right and the sink in the center.

On the left side there is also a desk intended for support and work surface. The kitchen furniture has storage capacity and tailor-made gaps to integrate the new appliances. It has wooden finishes and is combined with the white counters. In this kitchen we have also changed the original floor to beige tiles.

Modern bathroom

After the before and after renovation, the bathroom is located at the entrance to the living room. We put up some walls and put a door in place. This way you can make the most of the space in the room. They asked us for an equipped and functional cleaning space, thanks to our catalog of suppliers we have achieved it.

The new bathroom is equipped with a sink, a toilet and a rectangular shower tray. This is a cleaning area prepared to offer the best performance at all times. In addition, the bathroom cabinet has two drawers for bathroom storage. This way you can save and organize all the hygiene products.

As for the new interior image, we have opted for a contemporary style with neutral tones. The walls are fully tiled with smooth beige tiles. On the shower wall we used another style to generate more volume. With this choice of colors we have enhanced the luminosity and the visual breadth.

Interior design project

Another facet where we can clearly see the before and after renovation is in the interior image of the apartment. We have applied a new design that is more modern and in line with current trends. In general, it is a neutral, very fluid image that accepts all kinds of decorations. Thanks to this we can adapt to all kinds of styles.

We have done painting work and painted the walls white. Thus, natural light can spread to every corner of the house. We have also expanded the spaces, removing one of the bedrooms to create a much larger living room. Now the doors and frames are white, much more homogeneous than the original wooden ones.

We have replaced the original terrazzo flooring with a parquet imitation ceramic floor. It certainly creates a much more welcoming and warm image. It is an ideal design for spaces such as the living room and bedrooms. In this way we were able to maintain the essence of the original floor and provide it with more functionality.

Custom renovation projects

We are in charge of making your house renovation project tailor-made and with personalized advice throughout the process. You can call us on 93 209 97 17 so that we can inform you and request your budget without commitment.