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The before and after a comprehensive reform in Barcelona

In the renovations company Grupo Inventia we have started the year finishing several house renovations in Barcelona. One of them takes us to Açores street, where we have taken care of improving a house completely. The before and after work is very visual, as we have renewed both the interior design and the equipment of all spaces.

Before commenting on the details and improvements made in this house renovation in Barcelona we share this video. In it we show you the before and after, what was the original condition of the house and how it has changed. If you want to see more work we have done we invite you to follow us on Youtube.

New interior design

One of the main points to improve in this house renovation in Barcelona was that of interior design. The original image of the house was somewhat outdated in both the color of the walls and the pavements. In addition, the passage of time had also caused some damage. Based on the needs of the owners, our interior design team has developed a project that has rejuvenated all the spaces in the house.

It has been worked on the basis of a contemporary style design. With this it is possible to generate a lot of luminosity and visual amplitude. This house has large entrances of natural light, so these features have been further enhanced. To achieve this new image, neutral tones have been used, perfect for generating warm and welcoming atmospheres.

Most of the walls have been painted white. In this way you get natural light to go to every corner of the house. It has managed to create a perfect atmosphere for every moment of the day. Gray has also been used in the hall to paint two walls. All this is combined with a parquet floor in medium shades of wood. This is how the living room and the bedrooms look, in which new white doors have also been placed.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

In addition to the new image in this house renovation in Barcelona, work has also been done in the kitchen and bathroom. In Grupo Inventia we have specialists in both spaces and we offer the best materials. Now both rooms are ready to offer the best features and functionality in their use.

The kitchen is open and has a cupboard in which the appliances have been integrated and an L-shaped worktop. On top of this, which has the function of a breakfast bar, a ceramic hob and a sink have been installed. Another improvement in this kitchen renovation is the expansion of storage capacity.

Both at the bottom and top of the countertops there are drawers and cabinets for this.

For the bathrooms, a decorative line similar to that of the rest of the house has been followed. The walls have been tiled with beige tiles. This creates a pleasant atmosphere in a space of daily use. In turn, the sanitary equipment has been completely renewed. In this bathroom renovation, a washbasin with storage unit, a toilet and a practical shower tray have been installed.

House renovation in Barcelona

At Grupo Inventia, each house renovation in Barcelona is worked on in a personalized and tailor-made way for each client. Our experience and versatility allows us to adapt to any decorative style. We also work with a wide range of products, so we are open to all types of budgets. You can request yours by calling 93 209 97 17 or filling out the form we share on the web. We deliver it without costs or commitment.