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Before and after: flat renovation in L’Hospitalet

One of the most recent house renovation works takes us to the town of L’Hospotalet de Llobregat. At Grupo Inventia we are in charge of renovating homes both in Barcelona city and in nearby municipalities. Our professionals have updated this flat of Castelao street with a change of image and a renovation of its facilities.

In order to carry out an effective flat renovation, the coordination of all our departments is necessary. In this way you can create a project according to the needs of the owners and translate it into reality at the agreed times. In addition, throughout the process we provide personalized advice.

In this flat renovation in L’Hospitalet we have been responsible for improving and updating every space in the house. In the comparison of before and after you can see the great change we have achieved. It has gone from a flat that needed an upgrade to a real home.

New interior image

One of the first points to improve in this flat renovation has been the image of the spaces of the house. While the original look wasn’t bad at all, it was out of date. Given the characteristics of the apartment and its interior design, several advantages that it could offer were being missed.

After the work is done, the walls are white. This eliminates color discord between different spaces and even in the same places as in the livingroom. Now all the spaces of the house are presented with a modern image and generate brightness and spaciousness. To go together the doors and sockets have also become white.

Other improvements in the interior design have been to remove several wooden roofs and place the same flooring on the entire surface of the house. In this way, a homogeneous and very fluid image has been achieved, which generates great well-being. The new flooring is an imitation parquet ceramic floor. Its neutral finish fits perfectly into the overall image and is a very durable material.

Kitchen renovation

As you can see, the kitchen remains in its original location and also has the same L-shaped kitchen layout. However, both its image and its equipment have been completely improved. Now the kitchen is a modern space that guarantees the best features and functionality in its use.

The new appliances are concentrated on the far left of the kitchen. Custom bins have been made there to integrate the fridge, oven, microwave and dishwasher. Then an L-shaped countertop is born that offers a support and work surface. A one-sin sink and a three-stove kitchen have been installed on top of these.

This kitchen renovation has also expanded its storage capacity. It now has drawers and kitchen cabinets at both the bottom and top of the countertop. All wrapped in a very elegant kitchen design that combines white kitchen furniture and black countertops.

New bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom remains in its original location, although it has had a complete change of look and equipment. The original showy bathroom furniture has been removed and a lighter one has been installed. This has begun to generate more visual space.

The tiles on the wall tiles have also been changed. The originals have been removed in beige and white ones with a marble finish have been placed. This change in the bathroom enhances the brightness. To this also contributes the pavement, the same ceramic floor imitation parquet of the rest of the house.

New sanitary equipment has also been installed. It consists of a washbasin with white storage unit, a new toilet and a well-protected work shower right next to the entrance.

House and flat renovation budget

Our team of professionals makes sure that your apartment or flat renovation is perfect and has everything you need. We draw up your project together with a budget adjusted to your needs and we deliver it to you without any commitment. To request it, call us directly on 93 209 97 17.