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Before and After: house renovation and interior design in Barcelona

We recently showed the finishes of the house renovation work we carried out on Balmes street in Barcelona. Now we want to compare the entity and after the work done. A complete house renovation project that has led to improvements in both the interior design of the house and its facilities.

In the following video you can clearly see the change made with this new house renovation in Barcelona. In general, it has gone from an old-fashioned home to a home with a lot of charm and that offers the greatest facilities. Our professionals in house renovations and interior design have once again achieved a successful result.

Open kitchen renovation

One of the first changes that can be seen in this house renovation is the one that affects the kitchen renovation. This time its location has been modified to create an open kitchen distributed on two fronts. To do this, demolition work has been carried out and the wall that divided the hall from the living area has been removed.

As for the kitchen itself, it has opted for a two-front distribution, achieving great advantages over the original kitchen. It now has a large support surface and large storage capacity. For its part, it also has the necessary appliances to guarantee the best performance. All this in a white kitchen cabinet that fits perfectly with the new image.

Renovated interior design

All the house renovation work we carry out is accompanied by an interior design project tailored to each client. In this case it could not be an exception, as it was necessary to improve the image of all spaces. It has gone from a characteristic look of the eighties to a modern and very cozy design.

The livingroom, dining and sleeping areas have been painted a soft beige color that has been combined with a new parquet floor. In this way, very welcoming environments have been created in line with the current home idea. In addition, in this house renovation in Barcelona, we have also taken care of the furniture service. All rooms are ready to use and guarantee the best comfort.

Improved bathrooms

Other spaces that have been improved in this comprehensive renovation are the two bathrooms in the house. Now the two have new sanitary an house renovation dy to use. It consists of a washbasin with storage unit, a toilet and a shower tray protected by sliding door partitions.

The image has also changed, going from dark and cold rooms to two very bright and pleasant bathrooms. White meter tiles have been used to tile the walls. An element capable of generating brightness and breadth while printing a very modern image. The new floor is a hydraulic floor whose design adds personality to the two bathrooms.

House renovation in Barcelona

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