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Before and After: house renovation in Avinguda Rio de Janeiro

A few days ago we completed a new job at the house renovation company Grupo Inventia. Specifically, we have moved to Avinguda Rio de Janeiro to completely renovate a home. A job that has involved projects to improve interior design and install new equipment.

In the following video we share the comparison of before and after. With him you can see all the improvements made in this house renovation in Barcelona. On our Youtube channel you can see more comparisons of the before and after of our house renovations. With the results we present we can guarantee the best finishes and equipment for your new home.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen has remained in the original location, although it has had changes in both distribution and image and equipment. It was originally a two-front kitchen with very awkward mobility. After the kitchen renovation it has remained as a kitchen distributed in the form of L and that offers a more functional mobility.

The kitchen cabinet is located on the left side of the kitchen and the new appliances have been integrated into it. Thanks to the new furniture has also expanded the storage capacity with drawers and cabinets at the bottom and top of the countertops. The image of the kitchen has also changed, for example the kitchen furniture has gone from wood finishes to white. In the same way that the original stoneware floor has been replaced by an imitation wood ceramic floor.

New image and toilets

The bathroom has also been improved in this house renovation in Barcelona. Like the kitchen the bathroom has also remained in its original location. However, the image has been completely changed. The original tile has been removed and white tiles have been placed to create a very bright and spacious room.

For the floor we have opted for a ceramic surface that mimics wood. In this way, the original stoneware floor has been removed. The sanitary ware maintains the same layout, but is now much more modern and functional. This bathroom has a washbasin with storage unit, a toilet and a walk-in shower.

Contemporary interior design

While the kitchen and bathroom have been completely renovated, the interior design of the entire home has also been improved and modernized. Our house renovations do not lack interior design projects based on the tastes and needs of the owners. For the interior design of this house renovation work the walls have been painted white, leaving behind a dull beige tone.

Now the light can expand to every corner, also helped by the new white doors. These replace the old dark wooden doors. The original parquet floor was already worn and has also been completely changed. Now in rooms such as the livingroom or bedrooms has been placed a ceramic floor imitation parquet. A perfect image has been achieved through a resistant and durable surface.

Before and after house renovation

If you think your home needs a complete overhaul, this is your time. At Grupo Inventia we create customized and tailor-made projects so that your home looks the way you want it. Fill out this form or call us at 93 209 97 17, you can request your renovation budget without any commitment.