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Before and After: house renovation in Sant Cugat del Vallès

In the house renovation company Grupo Inventia we work both in the city of Barcelona and in nearby municipalities. This is the case of this house renovation project that we are responsible for carrying out in the town of Sant Cugat del Vallès. A few days ago we showed you the final result of the work and today we will compare the before and after.

In this way you will be able to appreciate much better the change that we print in the house. A house renovation in which we improve the equipment of the kitchen and bathrooms, in addition to modernizing the image of all rooms. In the following video you can see the before and after this renovation in Sant Cugat. To find out more about Grupo Inventia’s work, we invite you to follow us on Youtube.

Contemporary interior design

One of the main objectives in this house renovation was to adapt the image of housing to current times. The original appearance had been depleted and several improvements were needed. Painting work, pavement replacement, installation of new doors and windows, etc. In Grupo Inventia we have a department specialized in interior design and we offer all kinds of services in house renovations. The change was more than possible.

It was worked on the basis of a contemporary interior design. They wanted to get bright and spacious rooms that would create a very cozy atmosphere. To do this, the walls of spaces such as the livingroom and bedrooms were painted white. This makes the most of natural light, allowing it to expand to every corner of the house.

On the other hand, the original terrazzo floor was also renovated. It was replaced by a parquet floor laminated in medium wood tones. In addition to improving the visual appearance, it is a strong and durable pavement. The doors were also changed, which now look white and give a modern look. For the new windows we worked with aluminum carpentry and double glazing.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations

The kitchen and bathrooms were also renovated in this house renovation. Very important spaces in any home and they must be ready to offer the best benefits in their use. Thanks to our extensive catalog of materials and finishes, these spaces now have first-class design and equipment.

For the kitchen, a linear distribution was chosen that would allow greater mobility. On the right side was placed a kitchen cabinet in which all the appliances were integrated. It also provides a large storage capacity with several drawers and cabinets. The left side was used to anchor a second countertop. In this way it has been possible to provide the kitchen with a larger support surface.

Now the bathrooms look completely new. In both they opted for a design very similar to the rest of the house. Tiled walls with beige tiles that generate very bright rooms. As for the sanitary equipment, each of them has a washbasin with storage furniture, a toilet and a water area.

House renovation Grupo Inventia

At Grupo Inventia we put at your service the best professionals in the interior design and house renovation sectors. We will take care of you in a personalized way and we will elaborate a project according to your needs. You can request it at no cost or commitment by calling 93 209 97 17 or filling out this contact form.