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Before and After house renovation in Santa Matilde street in Barcelona

We recently shared the general finishes of the house renovation that we completed on Santa Matilde street in Barcelona. Now we want to compare the before and after work done to appreciate all the improvements that have been made. Observing the final result shows a great improvement, if we compare it with the original state is a radical change.

At Grupo Inventia we offer a complete service in house renovations. A personalized interior design project and a budget adjusted to the needs of each client. With a staff of versatile workers and a wide range of materials we can adapt to all situations.

To request your house renovation budget you can call 93 209 97 17. Pre-visits and project preparation are completely free and without any commitment. With our house renovation company, your home will look as good as the one we present today. Before going on to comment on the details and improvements we share the before and after video.

Modern kitchen renovation

One of the spaces that has been renovated in this house is the kitchen. It remains in its original location, although it now has new furniture and appliances. The layout of the elements has also been modified and we now have a kitchen with a U-shaped layout. In this way, the available space can be used more efficiently.

In this kitchen renovation in Barcelona, more storage capacity has been placed. In addition to appearing with an outdated image, the original furniture barely had drawers and cabinets. After the installation of the new kitchen furniture, the lower and upper areas of the countertops are full of storage capacity.

In the same way, a larger support surface has been installed with two sections of countertop that are presented in black. The kitchen furniture has also been used to integrate the new appliances. The oven has been placed just below the ceramic hob, while the washing machine, microwave and refrigerator have been integrated on the right side.

Functional bathroom

The bathroom is another space that has been improved with this house renovation. Like the kitchen it remains in its original location, although with a much more functional distribution of the toilets. The old equipment has been replaced by three new sanitary parts. These consist of a floating sink with built-in storage cabinet, a toilet and a water area. A much larger shower tray has been installed for the latter than the original. It is also very well protected by transparent sliding door screens that it did not have before.

The bathroom renovation has involved an improvement in the sanitary equipment and also in the image of the stay. The original tiles have been removed and the original terrazzo floor has been replaced. Now the bathroom is presented with a much more modern and current image. The walls have been painted white and the shower wall has been tiled with wood-finished tiles.

For its part, the new floor is a ceramic floor imitation parquet. With the design and refurbishment work, a spacious and very bright bathroom has been achieved. These are essential features in a space of daily use.

Contemporary interior design

In addition to the renovations and improvements mentioned in this house renovation in Barcelona, a project has also been carried out to improve the interior design of the entire home. As you can see in the video and in the photos it is a very noticeable change and for the better. It has gone from a normal floor to a cozy home with lots of light and spaciousness.

To do this, work has been carried out on conditioning and painting the walls. The color white has been used, an ideal shade for natural light to spread to all corners. The original terrazzo flooring has been replaced by an imitation parquet ceramic floor. The same that has also been placed in the kitchen and bathroom.

In this way, a modern contemporary interior design has been applied in all the spaces of the house. Other elements that also help to enhance this new image are the doors. They have all been replaced, from wood-finish doors to modern white doors. All this has been applied in spaces such as the livingroom, hallway or bedrooms.

House renovation budget

Getting your home to look the way you want is very easy with Grupo Inventia. We have the best furniture and equipment for each area of the house. In addition to a staff of excellent professionals who will advise and guide you throughout the process of your house renovation. We work both in Barcelona city and in nearby municipalities and we take care of your inquiries and requests on 93 209 97 17.