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Before and after renovation in Barcelona: Badajoz street

A few days ago we showed the result of the house renovation that we had completed in a house on Badajoz street in Barcelona. Now we want to put face to face the original state of the property and the one that has resulted from our work. In this way we will be able to expose the improvements that have been carried out in each corner of the house.

In this before and after renovation in Barcelona many aspects have been renewed that have to do with the good operation of a home. Now spaces like the kitchen and the bathroom are fully equipped. On the other hand the livingroom or bedrooms are presented with a modern and very cozy design.

In the following video we also share this before and after renovation in Barcelona. In fact, we update our Youtube channel daily with the new projects we are finalizing. We have also created a specific list for before and after. If you feel like more you can contact us to let us know what you need.

Kitchen change

One of the most visual improvements of this renovation in Barcelona is found in the kitchen. While it remains an open concept space, the kitchen has been relocated. Whereas before it was a kitchen open to the livingroom, now it is located in the hallway. With this change, much more space has been used in this area of the house.

As for the practical part, in this kitchen renovation the previous advantages in terms of equipment and storage capacity have been maintained. Obviously everything has been changed to more modern parts, both furniture and appliances. In before and after renovation in Barcelona it is also noticed in the kitchen.

It now looks much more modern and up-to-date. The furniture has gone from being finished in wood to white kitchen furniture. In this way he has managed to generate a very bright and visually spacious kitchen. For their part, all appliances have been integrated into the kitchen cabinet, creating a functional space with excellent mobility.

New bathroom

The change in the bathroom is also amazing in this before and after renovation. Despite having what it took to be effective, he needed a change of image and equipment urgently. Thanks to our experience and all the possibilities we offer, it has been very easy to find the perfect mix between modern and functional.

The original tiles have been removed from the walls and soft beige ones have been placed. It is now a much more welcoming space that generates a fresh image. These are essential features in a daily use space such as the bathroom. In this aspect we also notice the change of floor, which has gone from intense wood color to elegant beige tiles.

In addition to updating the image, we have also taken care of installing the new sanitary equipment. It consists of a more functional sink that maintains storage capacity without taking up as much space. It is also accompanied by a new toilet and a fully adapted water area. This is a shower tray with sliding door partitions.

Renovated interior design

Comparing a before and after renovation the overall image of the house is one of the most visual details of the changes made. The expression “looks like another house” is one of the most heard when the works are finished. As an interior design company we adapt to all tastes and needs. In the same way, we advise our clients to get what they want.

This time it has opted for a contemporary interior design with visually spacious and bright spaces. This has been achieved by using the color white to paint the walls and placing a new parquet floor. In this way, very cozy and familiar spaces have been achieved in which the light moves smoothly.

Before and after renovation

At Grupo Inventia, we provide everything you need so that your new home has everything you need. Both in terms of image and facilities. We draw up a personalized house renovation project and as we deliver it to you without obligation. It is accompanied by a detailed budget tailored to your requirements. Request it by calling 93 209 97 17.