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Decorate with plants: where do you put them?

10 December, 2015 · Blog

Plants are something that everyone likes but have always been linked to be located in areas outside the home, either on the balcony, terrace or windows. From Grupo Inventia interiorism we end this myth and you propose several ideas for decorating with plants inland areas of the home.

With this we do not mean big plants, but smaller flowers that will be an ideal complement whatever style or interior design that we have at home.

The cactus

The cactus are one of the latest trends in decorative plants because they require minimal care, they are very durable and highly decorative. If we go to specialty stores can find a wide variety of cactus and have the certainty that will last long.

Some of the sites listed cacti are to place the table on the television every corner of a shelf, shelves and even in the bathroom. As mentioned, the cactus does not need special care and must be watered every day. Therefore, we will not have any dirt on the area in which the win and also placed a touch of color very attractive.


Anywhere there is always an empty void that we would like to fill it with something, but we never know with what. We are talking about surplus places in the hall, next to a window on the desktop, etc. Because these surfaces are indicated to put a houseplant slightly larger than the cactus mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The houseplants if they need to be watered, but not as often as the exterior. This means that the areas in which we placed can be kept clean without any problems and without concern insects appear.

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