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Generate storage capacity in your bedroom

8 October, 2018 · Blog

In addition to being the place where we relax and rest, the bedroom is a personal space in which we express our tastes visually. From decorative objects to all types of textiles, in the bedroom we intend to leave our personal brand. However, it is also a room that must be organized, since the order of all the elements we have in it will contribute to a better sensation for rest.

That is why we will discuss some tips for geat storage capacity in the bedroom, which will help us organize and order all our stuff.

Take advantage of the gaps

One of the great tricks to generate storage capacity in a bedroom is to take advantage of every corner of it. With this we mean, for example, under the bed or in the gaps that remain between the closets and the wall.

In the first case we can take advantage of this space to place boxes with clothes that are not seasonal, accessories or these pieces that we do not use so often. The second case may be perfect to place objects such as paintings or posters or any object that we do not want to have in sight and can fit in.

Organized cabinet

Another piece that will play a very important role is the interior of the closet. Although it is closed, we have to keep an order inside it, as it is easier for us to find what we are looking for, and we will also be able to get more space for storage.

In this sense, nothing better than a bar so we can hang jackets, pants, shirts… in short, pieces that are here will release space on the shelves. In turn, the organizing caps will go well to keep the smallest clothing items such as underwear, belts, scarves, etc.

Organized bedroom

This is just a few tips to enjoy a spacious and well organized bedroom. You can contact us and our interior designers can expand this information and advise you on everything you need!