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Home renovation and restoration in Berguedà street of Barcelona

We have completed a very complete home renovation on Berguedà street in Barcelona. The end result is very satisfying for both customers and our renovation company. On the one hand, the owners have got the home of their dreams. In the other we are located and we can continue to be proud to be one of the best home renovations companies in Barcelona.

A very complete project in which improvements have been made both in the interior design and in the facilities of the whole house. We have also been responsible for restoring original elements of the flat. At Grupo Inventia we have the most current market trends. We also take care of the resources to maintain the original essence.

Thus this flat in Barcelona offers the best current operation without renouncing the image of the time. Our professionals are in charge of personally advising the owners so that such situations are not overlooked. Before commenting on several details of this home renovation work in Barcelona, we present the finishes on video.

Open kitchen

One of the most sought after improvements today is kitchen renovations. In this project we have also taken care of renovating it and adapting it to current needs. One of the most important changes is that it has become an open kitchen. It is distributed on two fronts and offers excellent mobility.

Through a white kitchen furniture, this space is equipped with everything necessary to be a modern and functional kitchen. On the left side, a kitchen cabinet with storage capacity has been installed in the lower and upper areas of the countertop. This is where the oven and microwave, respectively, have been integrated.

The ceramic hob has been installed on the countertop. It also offers a very large support surface to be able to prepare all kinds of meals. At the far left has a custom hole to complete the refrigerator. We have a super equipped kitchen renovation that ensures proper storage for all its elements.

Right in front, another section of worktop has been placed, which, among other advantages, generates a larger support and work surface. At the bottom there is also kitchen storage and a space to integrate the dishwasher. In turn, it also serves as a kitchen bar and creates an ideal space for relaxing breakfasts and meals.

Interior design with exposed brick

As we have explained in this renovation in Barcelona, several original period elements have been restored. In this sense, the great protagonist is the brick seen. This is a much-desired finish that our interior design experts in Barcelona have been able to integrate into the new design. Our interior design company works based on the tastes and needs of each client. It also provides personalized advice and new ideas for home image.

In this way we see the finished brick finishes in the main space of the house and in several bedrooms. There are several exposed brick walls on the floor and also several sections with volta catalana ceilings. A soft beige paint has been chosen to accompany this brick tone.

The colors blend perfectly and also highlight the new white doors that have been placed in all accesses. Another renewed element in this home renovation is the pavement. The original floor has been replaced by ceramic tiles that mimic a wood finish. Visually they create a warm and very cozy atmosphere, ideal features for a home.

New bathrooms

The interior design, the kitchen and also three bathrooms have been completely renovated. Our range of bathroom products is very wide and varied. It has been very easy to find the perfect design for these bathroom renovations to match the rest of the home. The old sanitary ware has also been replaced by modern and more functional ones.

Visually, the three bathroom renovations are presented with a very similar image. The walls have been completely tiled with large tiles of neutral colors. For its part, the pavement is the same as in all spaces, the ceramic floor imitation wood. In this way we have managed to provide the bathrooms with a fresh and pleasant atmosphere. In this sense of the essential characteristics for spaces of daily use.

On the other hand, we have also taken care of installing the new bathrooms. Although they are distributed differently, each of them has the same medical equipment. It consists of a washbasin with built-in storage, a toilet and a water area which is a shower tray.

Home renovation budget

Much satisfaction after completing this project of home renovation in Barcelona. A professional work and that allows its owners to have the home of their dreams. You can also renovate your home professionally and at a competitive price. You can call us at 93 209 97 17 and request your no-obligation renovation quote.