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Home renovation in Barcelona: Avinguda Diagonal

Our projectos of home renovation in Barcelona continue to be completed on time. Now it is this house located on Avinguda Diagonal that we have taken care of completely renovating. A work in which both the image and facilities of all the spaces of this apartment in Barcelona have been improved. In general, modern interior design has been applied and functional equipment has been installed.

At the renovations company Grupo Inventia we work with a wide variety of options. In this way we can adapt to all kinds of styles of home renovation in Barcelona. All this combined with the great versatility of our professionals. They are ready to get everything you need in your new home.

As new as this one located on Avinguda Diagonal, of which we present the general finishes in the following video. This is how you can see this home renovation in Barcelona as a whole. To learn more about the work done by our interior design and renovation company, visit our social media. We update them daily with new projects!

Interior design in Barcelona

One of the aspects that have been improved in this house is the interior design. This is a plot that we dominate with ease in Grupo Inventia. Our interior designers in Barcelona are in charge of elaborating a personalized and tailor-made project for each client. In this way we can adapt to all tastes and needs.

This time we have worked on the basis of a contemporary interior design. As a result we have a house with bright and visually spacious spaces. This achieves a warm and welcoming atmosphere for a home. The walls have been painted white, for example, in the living room, bedrooms or hallway.

In the same way, the new doors that have been installed are also white. A perfect homogeneous image is generated. For the new flooring, a parquet floor in medium shades of wood has been chosen. This is a perfect surface, as it generates a greater feeling of warmth throughout the home.

Kitchen renovation

We have also taken care of completely renovating the kitchen space. Although the entrance is open, the kitchen is located in its own space and well separated from the other rooms. In this way a greater visual fluidity is achieved with each of the well-defined spaces. Being a rectangular surface, a linear kitchen distribution has been used.

The kitchen furniture is white and is located on the right side of this kitchen renovation. It has an elongated worktop that provides a large support and work surface. In addition, a one-sin sink and a three-burner hob have also been installed on it. At the bottom and top there are drawers and storage cabinets.

This is where the oven and microwave, respectively, have been integrated. A custom-made hole has also been provided at the end to integrate the refrigerator. Another detail that has changed in this kitchen is the flooring. A hydraulic type floor has been chosen that adds a lot of color and personality to the whole kitchen.

Beige bathroom

In this home renovation in Barcelona, the bathroom has also been renovated and improved. It is now presented as a highly functional space and ready to offer the best features. This bathroom has become the perfect space for both daily demands and moments of relaxation.

For the new sanitary equipment, a countertop washbasin has been installed with a storage unit in its lower area. In this way a correct organization is guaranteed thanks to the storage capacity. The new toilet has been installed right in front. It has the cistern on the back and is presented in modern lines.

The water area is for a walk-in shower. It is a practical and spacious space that is protected by a static screen. In this bathroom renovation, the walls have been tiled with beige tiles, as have the floor tiles. As a result, a bathroom with a contemporary image and a pleasant atmosphere has been achieved.

Home renovation budget

For Grupo Inventia, each home renovation project is unique and we treat it in a personalized way. We listen to the needs of the owners and offer them the best options for all those aspects that they want to renovate of their home. All this with the advice of our specialists in interior design and renovations.

We carry out home renovations in Barcelona and also in nearby towns such as Sabadell, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Gavà, Badalona, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat… If you want to renovate your home contact us and request your renovation budget for free and without any commitment. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and one of our workers will take care of you personally.