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House renovation Diputació street of Barcelona

Recently, we have completed a new house renovation in the city of Bracelona, specifically in the Diputació street. In general, it was managed to give a comfortable rooms with a very cozy atmosphere.

So that you can appreciate the finishes of this house renovation, we share this video before commenting on the most outstanding details of the work carried out by Grupo Inventia.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen occupies its own room and is distributed in the form of L, achieving a perfect and functional location for each element. At the end of the left, the appliances were placed, consisting of a refrigerator, an oven and a microwave. Next there is an extended section of counter that, besides offering a wide surface of support, is equipped with a kitchen of four stoves. The counter tans to the right to make way for a second section. This is a bit smaller, but perfect to place the sink. In addition, the dishwasher was fitted on the bottom.

Also worth mentioning is this kitchen renovation that has a large storage capacity, since the kitchen cabinet has several drawers and cabinets throughout the lower and upper part of the kitchen counter.

Bathrooms renovation

The property has a master bathroom and a toilet. In both cases, it was bets to tile the walls at medium height with gray tiles and paint the rest of the white. This generated a fresh and very broad visually. To this they are added touch to them in wood that fit very well in the set.

In addition to a spectacular design, the main bathroom is equipped with a sink with built-in storage furniture, a suspended toilet and a protected shower with transparent sliding door screens.

House renovation in Barcelona

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