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House renovation and interior design project in Barcelona

A few months ago we started a new project of house renovation in Barcelona and today we have finished it. On this occasion, in addition to improving the image and the facilities, we have also taken care of completely furnishing several spaces in the house. As they say, this apartment is ready to move in and offers the best features of a home.

The professionals of Grupo Inventia have taken care of making the needs of the owners of this flat in Barcelona a reality. In general, we have been able to meet all the requirements thanks to our versatility and our extensive catalog of materials. We can adapt to all needs and adjust the budget without sacrificing the best qualities of the market.

Before detailing all the improvements made, including the furniture, we share a video to see the overall finishes. The result of this renovation in Barcelona has been very fine and shows a modern apartment that adapts to any rhythm of life. Open kitchen, sitting area, two bathrooms… an all-terrain housing.

Interior design and furniture

One of the first improvements that have been made in this house renovation is the change of image. To do this, our interior designers in Barcelona have worked on a contemporary design capable of generating very welcoming spaces. Thanks to this work, both common and private spaces are very bright and visually spacious.

The walls of this apartment in Barcelona have been painted beige, effectively contrasting with the new white doors. In this way, natural light can flow through every part of the home. The new flooring varies depending on the space of the house. For example, in the kitchen a hydraulic floor is placed, while in the hallway or in the bedrooms a parquet floor.

Renovated interior design and also placement of new furniture. In our renovation company we also offer a furniture service. We advise in a personalized way and we take care of the placement of all of them. For this work we have furnished the bedrooms with bed, wardrobe and work area. We also left the livingroom with a new sofa, a TV and a dining table ready.

Kitchen renovation in L

As we have mentioned, the kitchen is open and is distributed in an L-shape. Once finished, it can be seen that it is a functional distribution and that it guarantees excellent mobility. The refrigerator has been placed on the left side and is camouflaged by the same cabinet doors. An L-shaped countertop is then born.

A one-sin sink and a ceramic hob have been installed on it. One of the novelties of this kitchen renovation is the expansion of storage capacity. Both the bottom and top of the kitchen have several cabinets and drawers for this task. In addition, the oven and microwave have been integrated in these areas.

The image of the kitchen has also changed and we have adapted it to the new global design of the house. In this sense, a white kitchen cabinet has been placed that combines with a gray countertop. In this way the kitchen renovation that gives perfectly framed in this house of contemporary style.

Modern and functional bathrooms

Other spaces that have been improved in this house renovation are the two bathrooms. Now each of them offers the best features and has a complete and functional equipment. The goal has been met and both bathrooms are ready to offer the best features at any time.

Although with slight differences, each bathroom renovation has been equipped with three new sanitary ware. One of the novelties in the equipment is a washbasin with built-in storage cabinet. It is accompanied by a toilet with the cistern on the back and a water area occupied by a shower tray.

A very similar style has also been used for the new image in the two bathrooms. The walls have been tiled at half height with beige tiles in one case and faux wood tiles in the other. In both, a bright and wide image has been enhanced. Essential features for a space for daily use.

Renovation and interior design in Barcelona

Grupo Inventia is a versatile company that takes care of all aspects of your house renovation. From the strict renovation of the structure to the interior design of all the spaces. You can request your project plus a renovation budget by calling 93 209 97 17. We will deliver them to you without any commitment.