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House renovation and interior design project in Castelldefels

A new completed work takes us to the coastal town of Castelldefels. We have been in charge of carrying out a complete house renovation. We have improved essential aspects such as the interior design of their spaces and their facilities and equipment. With the works completed we can say that we have achieved a modern and highly functional home.

Our professionals have extensive experience in the field of house renovations. Its versatility allows us to adapt to all decorative styles and also to any budget. What we can guarantee is that we work with the best brands on the market and guarantee an excellent result in the renovation of your home.

In the same way we are in charge of renovating flats and houses both in Barcelona city and in nearby towns. This is precisely the case with this house renovation in Castelldefels. Before commenting on the details and improvements we have made we share a video with the general finishes. You can see many more works on our Youtube channel, subscribe.

Neutral and modern interior design

One of the first aspects to improve has been the interior design of all the spaces of the house. To do this, our department specializing in interior design in Barcelona has worked based on the tastes and needs of customers. This is one of the advantages of working with our interior design company, each project is personalized and unique.

For this renovation in Castelldefels we wanted to make the most of the natural light offered by this coastal area. For this reason the walls of most spaces have been painted white. In this way, natural light can flow freely through the livingroom, hallway, or bedroom.

In addition, this type of neutral interior design generates very bright and visually spacious spaces with a cozy atmosphere. These are essential features for homes that aim to have an image in line with current times. Another improvement has been the change of pavement. For this purpose, a floor of large tiles in beige and gray has been placed.

Kitchen renovation

As it is a complete renovation of the house, we have also been responsible for building a new kitchen. This is a plot that we have mastered thanks to our experience and versatility. We offer all kinds of materials, furniture and appliances for your new kitchen. We get functional kitchens and ready to offer the best features from day one.

In this case we have an open kitchen renovation with a U-shaped distribution. Most appliances have been integrated at the far left end. Specifically, there are custom openings for a refrigerator, oven and microwave. Then a countertop equipped with a sink is born. In its lower area it offers storage capacity and the dishwasher has also been integrated.

The central area is occupied by a countertop equipped with a three-burner hob. Cabinets have been placed at the bottom and top to extend the kitchen storage. A new countertop has been placed on the right side which also has the function of a breakfast bar. It also expands the support and work surface.

As it is an open kitchen renovation, a design has been used in line with the rest of the house. All kitchen furniture is white and combined with gray countertop sections. It is a modern design that helps to generate a uniform and bright space.

New toilets and image in the bathroom

The bathroom is another of the spaces that has been improved in this house renovation in Castelldefels. It now has a modern and current image plus a highly functional sanitary equipment. In this way the bathroom has a new sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a shower tray. This last element is made of stone and is protected by sliding door screens.

For the new image of this bathroom renovation has also been used an interior design with neutral tones that create a cozy atmosphere. The walls have been completely tiled with light beige tiles. For its part, the new bathroom floor is the same that has been placed in the other spaces. Large brown tiles that ensure strength and durability.

House renovation budget

At Grupo Inventia, we offer you a house renovation project that is personalized and tailored to your needs. Our experts will advise you at all times so that your new home has everything you need. You can call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation home quote. We will deliver it to you at no cost or commitment.