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House renovation and interior design in Travessera de Dalt

We have been responsible for carrying out the house renovation of a house located on the Travessera de Dalt in Barcelona. The Grupo Inventia team has worked to improve both the interior design of all spaces and the equipment of rooms such as kitchen and bathroom. As a house renovation company, we have made sure that homeowners have everything they need in their home.

Before detailing some of the improvements made in this house renovation in Barcelona we share the following video. In it you can see the general finishes achieved and how the house looks very current. In our Youtube channel we share the videos of all the house renovations in Barcelona and neighborhoods that we carry out. We invite you to follow us.

Renovated interior design

One of the key points in this new house renovation was to renew interior design. In most rooms the walls have been painted in a soft shade of gray that has been combined with an imitation parquet ceramic floor. The result has been very bright spaces and a cozy atmosphere.

This contemporary interior design has also been complemented by the installation of new doors and windows. For the first case, white doors have been chosen. They manage to stand out and blend very well with the overall image. The new windows are made of white aluminum and have both acoustic and thermal benefits.

Kitchen renovation

As in many house renovations, the kitchen is the star. In this case we have an open one with a U-shaped distribution. The countertop on the left side has been used as a support surface, although it also works as an excellent breakfast bar. The sink is located on the central worktop, while a ceramic hob has been installed on the one on the right.

The new appliances have been integrated at the far left and consist of a refrigerator, oven and microwave. This is a very complete kitchen renovation and has a design with a lot of personality. The lower kitchen furniture is white, while the upper cabinets have wood finishes. On the other hand, the worktops are black and combine very well with the hydraulic floor placed.

Bathroom renovation

Another improved space in this house renovation is the bathroom. It now has a complete sanitary equipment and ready to offer the best benefits and functionality. We have a sink with built-in storage cabinet. In this way the organization in the bathroom will not be very simple. It is accompanied by a classic-style toilet and a shower tray with sliding door closures.

How could it be otherwise the interior design has also improved in this bathroom renovation. A modern image that helps to create a bright and spacious space. The walls have been tiled at half height with gray tiles the same as the floor tiles. For the walls of the shower has opted for some hydraulic tiles with designs that combine different shades of gray.

House renovation in Barcelona

If you need to carry out the house renovation of your home, contact Grupo Inventia. We prepare renovation projects and budgets that we deliver to you for free and without obligation. You can request yours by filling out this web form or by calling 93 209 97 17. If you prefer, contact WhatsApp directly with the icon you see on the left of your screen.