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House renovation in Burgos street

Recently Grupo Inventia we have completed a new house renovation work. On this occasion we moved to calle Burgos de Barcelona to completely renovate a home, as can be seen in the next video, both in image and in equipment.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen occupies its own room although it is open to the livingroom. In this opening a small wall was placed that has a bar, reaching a perfect breakfast area. For the distribution, the U shape was used, starting from the left side, in which there were gaps available to fit the new appliances.

The central part occupies an elongated counter that offers a wide surface of support and that is equipped with a vitroceramic plate. In turn, it has cabinets and drawers for storage both in its lower part and higher. Already on the right side was placed the last section of counter, equipped with an individual sink.

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom improved both its interior design and its sanitary equipment. Regarding the first aspect, the walls are tiled with beige tiles, generating a very pleasant and inviting atmosphere. In turn, the tiles in the shower wall are finished in wood, providing personality in the room.

For the sanitary equipment, that offers the best benefits and functionality in its use, opted for an oval design basin with built-in storage furniture, a toilet suspended and, at the bottom of the stay, the aforementioned Shower, which is protected by a sliding door screen.

House renovation in Barcelona

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