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House renovation in Ginebra street in Barcelona

Our team of house renovations in Barcelona has completed a new work. This time we have been responsible for completely renovating a house located in Ginebra street. A total house renovation in which the image of the rooms has been improved and new equipment has been installed in the kitchen and bathroom.

In the following video you can see the general finishes of this house renovation in Barcelona. Now the house has a modern look and is ready to offer the best benefits. To learn more about the work of Grupo Inventia we invite you to follow our Youtube channel. In it you can see all the house renovations work we have done to date.

Open kitchen renovation

We find an open kitchen that has been distributed in the form of L. Given the characteristics of the space it is the best option in terms of mobility. Now all the elements of the kitchen are located in the right place to offer maximum functionality. Highlights the white furniture and the metro tiles with which the wall has been tiled.

On the right side there is a custom space to integrate the refrigerator. While the granite countertop occupies the central part. A ceramic hob and a single sink have been installed on it. Both at the top and inside, drawers and storage cabinets have been provided. In the lower part the oven has been integrated and has a custom hole to place a dishwasher.

Bathroom renovation

Another of the renovated and improved spaces in this house renovation is the bathroom. For his new image, he has opted to tile the walls completely. White tiles have been used and the result has been a very bright and spacious space. For the pavement, a beige stoneware floor has been chosen. It is a resistant surface and ideal for bathrooms.

The three-piece sanitary equipment has also been renovated. Has a large sink with built-in storage furniture. In this way it is very easy to maintain order and organize all kinds of hygiene products. A new toilet has also been placed with the cistern on the back. At the back of the room is a shower that is protected by a transparent screen.

Interior design in Barcelona

In our house renovation company we have a department specialized in interior design. For this occasion we have worked on the basis of a contemporary design. With this, very bright spaces with a greater sense of spaciousness have been achieved. To do this, the walls have been painted white, a tone that allows natural light to expand to every corner of the floor.

An imitation parquet ceramic floor has been chosen for the new floor. This is a perfect option, as visually it provides the warmth of wood and in practice is as durable as it is easy to maintain. Other details in the interior design of this renoavtion in Barcelona are the bull’s-eye lights placed both in the living room and in the bedrooms. An element of effective lighting and discreet image.

House renovation in Barcelona

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