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House renovation in Badajoz street in Barcelona

One of the house renovations that adds to the list of completed projects is this one on Badajoz street. Its owners wanted to modernize their home both in image and equipment. We have been responsible for applying all these improvements through a customized project and tailored to you. The different departments of Grupo Inventia have worked together to achieve this successful result.

In addition to carrying out house renovations in Barcelona, we are also moving to nearby towns. If you want to improve and modernize your home, call us on 93 209 97 17. We will take care of offering you the best options. For example, as we did on this floor of Badajoz street, the general finishes are in the following video.

In this renovation in Barcelona we have also been responsible for restoring original elements and integrating them into the new interior design. We have the right professionals to make your home look the way you want it to and have everything you need. You can tell us what you need and we will adapt to your budget and make it a reality.

Idyllic atmosphere

One of the first steps in a house renovation is to establish the new interior design of the home. Based on the details provided, our experts interior designers in Barcelona will be in charge of developing a project with 3D images. Improvements can be seen before work begins and anything that is deemed appropriate can be changed.

For this flat renovation project, it has been decided to enhance the brightness and visual breadth in the house. To achieve this, all neutrals have been used and spaces have been created that are fluidly connected through a warm and welcoming design. The walls have been painted white and ox-eye lights have been used to illuminate the spaces more efficiently.

The new doors and plinths are also white and help to create very bright and pleasant spaces. The white color is combined with a parquet floor in medium wood tones. Both private and common spaces are presented in an idyllic setting for a family home.


For its part, some original elements have also been restored. Undoubtedly, the brick ceiling stands out as it presides over the connected spaces of the kitchen and diningroom. With the right professionals it is very easy to renew the image of a home while maintaining its original period essence.

Open kitchen renovation

Another of the star spaces in our renovations are the kitchens. For this occasion we have worked with an open kitchen renovation and with a linear distribution. The kitchen furniture maintains its white collar and is very well integrated into the new global image. Especially with storage capacity at the bottom and top of the countertop. These spaces have also been used to integrate the oven and microwave, respectively.

The kitchen worktop is also white and long enough to provide a support and work surface. A modern three-burner ceramic hob and a single-sink sink have been installed on it.

Functional bathroom

Our offer in house renovations also includes the improvement and modernization of the bathrooms. In this flat in Barcelona we have renovated the image and sanitary equipment of a bathroom. It now has a floating sink with two drawers for storing hygiene products and ensuring an effective order in the room.

To your left is the toilet and to your right the water area. For the latter elements, a shower tray and sliding door partitions have been installed to protect it. Our catalog of new bathroom items is extensive and varied. Getting the bathroom of your dreams will be very easy.

For the new image of the bathroom, a contemporary interior design with neutral tones has also been chosen. The walls have been tiled entirely with large beige tiles. Precisely the tiles of the new bathroom floor are the same color and you get a homogeneous and very nice image.

House renovation budget

Our offer in house renovations is extensive and we also take care of partial renovations such as only the kitchen or the bathrooms. We always offer the same benefits: free initial visit and no-obligation project and budget preparation. You can call 93 209 97 17 and one of our professionals will personally assist you and answer everything you need to know.