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House renovation in Espinoi street of Barcelona

In Grupo Inventia we have completed a new project of house renovation in Barcelona. Our team has been working on improving the spaces of this house located on Espinoi street. It has managed to print a modern and current image in addition to fully equipping the key rooms. At this last point the kitchen and bathroom are ready to offer the best features.

We will detail the improvements made in this house renovation both in image and equipment. Before you can enjoy the general finishes in the following video we share. You can also find it along with other projects on our Youtube channel. We update our social networks daily.

We develop projects house renovation in Barcelona and around at no cost or commitment. Tell us how you want your home to be and we will work to offer you the best options. We adapt to all decorative styles and budgets, offering the highest quality. Request your renovation project by calling 93 209 97 17.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is located in a very spacious room. In this way it has been possible to work comfortably and get the image desired by its owners. A U-shaped kitchen cabinet has been used. This new distribution provides a lot of mobility and functionality in all elements of the kitchen.

On the right side has been placed an elongated worktop that serves as a support and work surface. Both in its upper and lower part, where the oven has been integrated, has storage capacity. The three-hob hob has been installed on the central worktop. Another countertop with integrated sink occupies the left side. In the lower area there is a custom space to place the dishwasher.

This kitchen also has an office area with a breakfast bar and extra storage. The latter also works as a space for small appliances such as the microwave or coffee maker. Overall excellent and functional improvements in this kitchen renovation.

Kitchen interior design

The image of this kitchen has also been improved and modernized. White kitchen furniture has been used to help generate more brightness and spaciousness to the room. The white color is combined with some wood finish and the gray color of the new pavement. In this kitchen renovation, a gray stoneware floor has been chosen. It is a resistant surface that visually fits perfectly with the other elements of the kitchen.

Bathroom renovation

Another space improved in this house renovation in Barcelona is the bathroom. It has improved both its image and its sanitary equipment. A perfect space for both day to day and for more relaxed moments. With the work completed it is ready to offer the best features and functionality in its use.

The new interior design of the bathroom follows the general line of the house. A space in which neutral tones predominate in order to achieve a pleasant stay. These colors help to generate a very bright bathroom with a feeling of spaciousness. In addition they contribute a modern image and in agreement with the rest of the building.

Most of the walls have been tiled with white tiles with a finish that mimics marble. Instead, the wall of the sink has been tiled with gray tiles with a stone finish. A good choice in terms of interior design, as it combines with the new tiles that have been placed. The bathroom floor is made of a resistant, durable material suitable for rooms prone to generating moisture.

After the complete renovation, the bathroom has a modern and functional three-piece sanitary equipment. To the right of the entrance is a floating bathroom cabinet with a wood finish. On it rests a round design washbasin with a silver faucet. It is followed by a toilet with the cistern hidden in the wall. Definitely an element that generates more visual space in the bathroom. Finally, a shower tray has been placed which is protected by sliding door partitions.

House renovation in Barcelona

The house renovation projects that we carry out in Grupo Inventia are personalized and tailor-made. Before signing any contract we give you a project based on your tastes and needs. From there you can make the changes you deem appropriate. We want all the points to be clear before we start for your peace of mind.

We carry out both house renovation in Barcelona and in nearby towns. If you live in Terrasa, Viladecans, Argentona, etc. and you want to renovate your house you can contact us. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and tell us what improvements you want to make in your home. You will speak directly with one of our professionals and we will schedule an appointment.

A technical architect will make a visit, free and without obligation, to take measures and start the elaboration of the project. Getting a modern and functional home like the one we renovated on Espinoi street is very simple. With Grupo Inventia you will not have any complications or setbacks.