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House renovation in Sant Adrià del Besòs

A new house renovation project takes us to the town of Sant Adrià del Besòs. As a renovation company, we offer our services both in the city of Barcelona and in nearby towns. A complete house reform with improvements in the interior design and in all the facilities.

In this house renovation in Sant Adrià del Besòs we have applied all the necessary improvements to achieve a family flat. Our specialists have ensured that the owners can enjoy their new home from day one. We share the results of this house renovation in the following video.

Interior design

The new interior design of this house renovation in Sant Adrià del Besòs is based on a contemporary style. Neutral tones are protagonists to achieve bright and spacious spaces. We have painted most of the walls white, the best option for light to flow easily.

The new doors are also white, as are the plinths and frames. In this way we achieve a homogeneous image between all the spaces of the house. In the master bedroom we also painted a beige wall. It is another neutral color that fits very easily into contemporary design.

Another new element in this renovation in Sant Adrià del Besòs is the pavement. We installed a parquet floor in natural wood tones. When applying a contemporary design, parquet floors are an excellent option. In this case we have placed them in areas such as the living room, the dining room, the bedrooms and the kitchen.

Open kitchen

The kitchen is open and distributed on two fronts. It is located in a wide area that allows excellent mobility. On the right side we have placed a kitchen bar and then new appliances. We have fitted kitchen cabinetry with bespoke gaps to accommodate an oven, microwave and fridge.

On the left side we have placed the main desk, which goes from end to end. It offers a large support and work surface. It actually has a kitchen bar on the far left. On this same counter we have installed a glass-ceramic plate and a single-sinus sink.

Another improvement in this kitchen renovation in Sant Adrià del Besòs is that we have expanded the storage capacity. It has white drawers and cabinets at the bottom of the counter. At the top we have anchored several cabinets with a wooden finish. It is a combination that is in trend in kitchen renovations.

Functional bathrooms

In this house renovation in Sant Adrià del Besòs, we have also taken on the task of improving the two bathrooms in the house. Specifically, a suite bathroom and a courtesy bathroom. We have taken care of getting two cleaning spaces that are functional and ready to use at any time.

Each of the bathrooms is equipped with three sanitary pieces. One of them is the new toilet that has a storage unit to organize hygiene products. It is accompanied by a toilet with modern lines, in the suite bathroom we have also installed a bidet. They also have a shower tray protected with screens as a water area.

Due to the new design, we have maintained the overall image of the rest of the flat. The walls are tiled with beige tiles. Thus, we have created two very bright spaces with a pleasant atmosphere. For the floor we opted for a ceramic floor with parquet finishes.

House renovation budget

If you want to renovate your home, call us on 93 209 97 17. We prepare a customized project and deliver it to you without obligation along with a detailed renovation budget.