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House renovation in Santa Coloma

We have completed a new house renovation project and we want to share the details of its new image and equipment. This time we went to the town of Santa Coloma de Gramanet. There we have not commissioned to renovate a home completely and according to the needs of its owners.

As we have pointed out, in the house renovation company Grupo Inventia we do projects both in Barcelona city and in nearby municipalities. Wherever we are, our professionals make sure you can get everything you need in your new home. In both the interior design and the equipment section, we offer you a personalized advice service.

Now this apartment in Santa Coloma de Gramanet has everything you need to offer the best services. If the time has come for you to renovate your home as well, call us on 93 209 97 17. We will tailor your renovation project and deliver it to you without any commitment. We also include a comprehensive, house renovation budget tailored to your needs.

Open kitchen

The new kitchen has an open concept, although it is very well defined both physically and visually. Its new elements have been distributed in a U-shape, as it is an arrangement that offers excellent mobility. On the left side, several appliances have been integrated, such as the refrigerator, the oven and the microwave. All of them come with elegant black and white stainless steel finishes.

The kitchen also has a built-in slot to integrate the washing machine and dishwasher. In the same way that it has two countertops that provide a large support and work surface. They have been fitted with a single sink and a modern ceramic hob. Another improvement over this kitchen renovation is that it has storage capacity at the bottom of the countertops.

The new kitchen furniture is white. In this way a bright and spacious space is generated. They are two perfect features for a busy space and daily use such as the kitchen. It is combined with beige countertops and an imitation parquet ceramic floor that has also been used in other parts of the house.

Bathroom renovation

This Santa Coloma apartment has two bathrooms that have been completely refurbished. Thanks to our extensive catalog for bathroom renovations we can adapt to any need that the owners expose. This time the result is two bathrooms with a new image and modern and functional equipment.

Three new sanitary ware have been chosen for the main bathroom. It now has a washbasin with storage capacity, a toilet and a bathtub. The other bathroom serves as an extra hygiene space. As for its sanitary equipment, it has a washbasin with storage, very similar to the other, and a water area. The latter bathroom is a protected shower tray with sliding door partitions.

A very similar design has been used for the new bathroom image in both bathrooms. The walls have been tiled with rectangular tiles in neutral tones. So we got two bathrooms with a nice, cool atmosphere. As it is a space for daily use, it is important that the bathroom offers a feeling of comfort.

Contemporary interior design

In addition to the kitchen and bathrooms, more improvements have been made to this house renovation in Santa Coloma. Among them, a new interior design has been applied in all the spaces of the house. Now areas such as the livingroom, hallway or bedrooms are presented with a very nice contemporary image.

Our team interior design in Barcelona has taken care of the needs of the owners. We have chosen a style that allows flexibility when decorating, as it adapts to many styles. To do this, the walls are white, so light can flow easily to every corner of the house.

An imitation wood ceramic floor has also been placed to create visual homogeneity. At the decorative level it is fantastic and it is also a very resistant and durable material. Among the various improvements and new features in this apartment are also the new doors. They are white and in most cases are sliding doors.

House renovation budget

Thanks to the team of professionals we have in Grupo Inventia we can guarantee a perfect result in your house renovation. We also work with contrasting brands and within reach of all pockets. Renovating the image and equipment of your home has never been as simple and effective as it is with Grupo Inventia.