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House renovation in Marroc street in Barcelona

A new work of house renovation in Barcelona brings us all the way to Marroc street. Here we are responsible for applying all kinds of improvements to a home. Our goal was to equip it with all the necessary elements to cope with current trends. That is why we have made changes to both the interior design and the facilities.

As a renovation company, we have a versatile team of professionals able to adapt to all types of needs. In addition, we have a wide catalog of finishes and materials to be able to work with any decorative style. After a previous meeting, we take care of translating your customized renovation project into plans and 3D renderings.

We present the finishes of this interior renovation in the following video. You can find out about all our work and finished projects through our social networks. We update our profiles daily and with our own and real content. This way you can see first hand what improvements we could implement in your new home.

New image

One of the first steps in a house renovation is to establish what the new interior design of the house will be. That is why we have a specialized department of interior designers in Barcelona who advise on personalized panera throughout the entire process of the work. In this way, we start each project with the interior design defined in advance.

For this flat, a contemporany interior design has been chosen and we have used neutral tones to enhance its image. Thanks to this, we have managed to generate very bright spaces with greater visual breadth. To achieve this we have painted the walls white, the best option for the light to flow naturally.

We have applied this contemporary interior design style to both the common spaces and the main living room as well as each individual bedroom. To complement this, we have installed a parquet floor in natural wood tones. A key element to generate the ideal warmth for a home.

Kitchen renovation

One of the most important spaces in a house is the kitchen and here we have completely renovated it. It is an open kitchen that is distributed on two fronts. At the far left we have placed a multi-function kitchen bar. In addition to providing support and work surface, it also works as a breakfast bar. Just ahead, on the far right, is a custom closet to house the washer and dryer.

On the left side, the counter extends to the other end and we have installed a glass ceramic plate. It also has storage capacity at the bottom and a shelf at the top. It is a large space and prepared to be able to cook efficiently and comfortably.

On the right side of this kitchen renovation we have integrated the appliances. There is space for an oven, microwave, fridge and dishwasher. The last two are camouflaged by the kitchen cabinet doors and generate more continuity in the kitchen design. It also has a counter equipped with a sink.

New functional bathrooms

We have also taken it upon ourselves to improve the bathrooms in the house. It now has two hygiene spaces that complement each other perfectly. It is a bathroom and a toilet. In both cases we have improved both the interior image and the sanitary equipment that makes them up.

The main bathroom renovation has a toilet with built-in storage furniture. This way, there is space to organize and store hygiene products. A floating bidet and toilet follow right next to it. Finally, we find the water area with a shower tray protected by a sliding door screen.

As for the bathroom, it has a sink and a floating toilet. For the new image of this bathroom renovation, we have also opted for a contemporary interior design in accordance with the overall image. We have tiled the walls of the master bathroom with marble finish tiles and the sink with beige tiles. In both cases we have reserved a wall to be tiled with brown tiles with a linear design.

House renovation budget

We offer our services in house renovations in Barcelona and nearby municipalities. Contact us and request your renovation budget without commitment. Call us at 93 209 97 17.