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House renovation in Meer street of Barcelona

New house renovation completed in the city of Barcelona, ​​specifically in Meer street. Before commenting on the details of the work done, we want to share a video in which you can see the new image of the home. In this case, he opted for a general line of neutral tones, several finishes in wood and a stoneware floor that mimics the parquet floor. Without a doubt, a design that generates luminosity and visual amplitude.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is located in an open space and, although it is a small space, it could be fully equipped. Before reaching the kitchen itself, on the left side was placed the refrigerator, arranged in a space customized for it. For the kitchen, a linear distribution was used through a desk that goes from end to end.

The counter is equipped with an individual sink and a vitroceramic plate, as well as offering a wide surface of support and work. The kitchen also has a good storage capacity, with cabinets and drawers both in its lower part and higher. In fact, in the lower part they were also left empty to fit the oven and the dishwasher.

Bathroom renovation

After the renovation, the bathroom has a very pleasant and cozy atmosphere, since the walls were completely tiled with beige tiles. This color combines perfectly with the white finish of the washbasin and stoneware tiles with wood finishes.

This is a three-piece bathroom consisting of a sink with built-in closet, a toilet and, at the bottom of the room, a large shower.

House renovation in Barcelona

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