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House renovation in Navas de Tolosa

We have recently completed a new house renovation in the city of Barcelona. On this occasion we moved to Navas de Tolosa street to completely renew a property and apply a more contemporary design. We will review the details, but before we shared a video to enjoy the finished work done by Grupo Inventia.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen occupies its own space and is open. For the layout of the new elements, an U-shaped distribution has been used, making the most of the available space. On the left side the appliances were fitted with a refrigerator and a microwave. The counter, equipped with a sink, is born immediately. This twist to the right and gives way to a second section that has a ceramic hob and storage capacity in the lower part, where the furnace is fitted, as in the upper part.

The counter has a third counter, in the open part, which extends the surface of support and work. In addition, it can be used as a breakfast bar, obtaining a perfect space for distended ingestion.

Bathrooms renovation

The bathroom has a sanitary equipment that offers the best benefits and functionality in its use. It consists of a toilet, a toilet and a shower. For the design, tiled walls were chosen completely with beige tiles, generating a cozy and pleasant space.

The house also has a toilet that offers an extra space for daily hygiene tasks. In this case, the space was used to install a sink with built-in storage capacity and a toilet.

House renovation in Barcelona

With Grupo Inventia you will achieve that your house renovation looks as you wish. You can contact us and we will inform you without any commitment.