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House renovation on Riera Blanca street in Barcelona

At the Grupo Inventia renovation company, we continue to complete house renovation projects. We have now completed the improvement work on this house on Riera Blanca street in Barcelona. It has been a project in which improvements have been made both in the image and in the equipment of all the rooms.

A very satisfactory result that we share in the following video. In this way you can see all the details and improvements that have been made in this apartment in Barcelona. Our house renovations are characterized by being personalized and tailored to each client. On this occasion, every corner of this house has been endowed with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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Modern interior design

One of the first points to improve on this floor in Barcelona is the image of all its spaces. After the work done, it now has a modern interior design that is in line with current trends. Thanks to this, a homogeneous image is generated in the whole house. Now both spaces such as the livingroom or bedrooms offer a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

To achieve this, our profesionals of interior design in Barcelona have worked with a contemporary interior design. A type of image in which neutral tones predominate, as the goal is to achieve bright and spacious spaces. This time most of the walls of the house have been painted in a soft beige tone.

In addition to achieving the characteristics mentioned, they also generate very welcoming spaces suitable for both visitors and rest. It also contrasts nicely with the new white doors that have been installed. In the same way it combines perfectly with the new floor placed in the common areas and in the bedrooms. This is a parquet floor in medium wood tones.

Open kitchen renovation

The kitchen is located in an open space next to the livingroom and dining room. A linear kitchen distribution with new equipment and storage capacity has been used. The new appliances have been integrated at the far right. An oven, a microwave and a refrigerator are camouflaged by the doors of the kitchen cabinet.

Next is an elongated worktop that offers a large support and work surface. In turn, it is the space in which a ceramic hob and a single-sink sink have been installed. At the top have been placed several cabinets that expand the storage capacity in the kitchen. The same happens in the lower area, in which the dishwasher has also been integrated.

Being an open kitchen renovation, an image has been used in line with the rest of the house. For this reason, a completely white kitchen furniture has been chosen. In fact, the countertop is also white and creates a nice contrast with the beige color of the walls. For the pavement, the parquet floor placed in the adjoining spaces is maintained.

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom is another space that has been completely renovated. Now enjoy a modern image in keeping with the rest of the space and functional sanitary equipment. In this way, a washbasin with storage furniture has been installed in its lower area and then a toilet with rounded lines.

The water area has been placed at the bottom of the bathroom. This is a built-in shower that is protected by transparent sliding partitions. All wrapped in a modern and pleasant design. The walls of the bathroom have been tiled at half height with white beveled tiles and a new hydraulic style floor has been laid.

Furniture service

Another detail of this renovation in Barcelona is that we have taken care of furnishing several spaces of the house. Among them are the living room and the dining room, which now have a table with several chairs and a comfortable sofa. All bedrooms have also been furnished with custom-made pieces that guarantee the best features.

Each bedroom of this house renovation is equipped with a bed, a wardrobe and a work area. All this under the same interior design that exists throughout the home. It is a contemporary interior design that creates an ideal environment for rest. The bedrooms are accessed through a sliding door, an element that allows you to make the most of the interior space of the bedroom.

House renovation budget

At Grupo Inventia, we offer you a house renovation project that is personalized and tailored to your needs. We adapt to all types of styles and budgets offering the best qualities of the market. Call us on 93 209 97 17 and request your renovation quote at no cost or commitment.