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House renovation in Sales i Ferré street in Barcelona

At the renovation company Grupo Inventia, we continue to complete projects of house renovation Barcelona. On this occasion we have been in charge of completely house renovation located on Sales i Ferré street. A work in which we have led to improvements in both the interior design and the facilities of all spaces.

In the following video you can see the finishes of the work done by our professionals in house renovations. Now this home has everything you need to function as a real home. All this thanks to the successful commitment we have in Grupo Inventia with all our customers.

Our renovation projects are tailor-made and based on the needs of the homeowners. A feature that allows us to adapt to all decorative styles. Also to all types of budgets always offering the best qualities of the market. To request your no-obligation renovation quote, call us at 93 209 97 17.

Neutral interior design

One of the first steps to address in a house renovation is the new image of their spaces. Our interior design department is in charge of turning the wishes of the owners into precise 3D renderings. Thanks to this we can show what the final result will be before starting the works.

This time it has opted for a neutral interior design in a contemporary style. In this way, neutral tones have been used in spaces such as the dining room or bedrooms. With these colors you get natural light to expand to every corner of the house. The end result is a very bright and spacious space with a cozy atmosphere.

Most of the walls have been painted white, the right one to get what was mentioned in the previous point. The new doors and their frames are also white. For the new flooring, we have opted for an imitation parquet ceramic floor, the same finish that has been used in the plinths. It is a resistant material that provides the feeling of warmth that is attributed to wood finishes.

Kitchen renovation

In this project a kitchen renovation has been carried out. It has gone from being located in a separate space to an open kitchen. This improvement makes it a much more practical and functional kitchen. It has been equipped with new appliances and this kitchen has also been equipped with more storage space.

On the left side we have the first L-shaped kitchen cabinet. It has two sections of worktop that offer a large support and work surface. The hob and sink have been installed on top of these. As mentioned, it has drawers and cabinets for kitchen storage at both the bottom and top.

On the right side of this kitchen renovation in Barcelona, custom-made spaces have been arranged to integrate the new appliances. Specifically, there is space for a fridge, oven and microwave. An extra support surface has also been enabled and storage space has been expanded.

Modern bathroom renovation

The bathroom of this house has also been completely renovated. Now it has a new look and features modern and functional medical equipment. A floating washbasin with built-in furniture in its lower area has been installed on the left wall. A circularly designed bathroom mirror has also been placed on it.

The area on the right has been adapted to install the new toilet. It is presented with modern and elegant lines. The water area has been placed at the bottom of the bathroom. For this, a floor-level shower tray with a gray finish has been chosen. In general, a very complete bathroom renovation in terms of equipment and ready to offer the best features.

The new image of the bathroom is also presented with a modern and very successful design. White meter tiles have been used for the total tiling of the walls. In this way, a visually spacious space has been achieved that generates a lot of light. The new pavement is of the hydraulic type with designs that combine the colors gray and green.

Budget of house renovation in Barcelona

For Grupo Inventia, the satisfaction of our customers is very important. That’s why our house renovations are customized and tailored. We also provide personalized advice from our experts throughout the house renovation process. Contact us and request your house renovation quote without obligation.