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House renovation in Sant Fructuós street in Barcelona

We have been responsible for renovating a new home in the city of Barcelona. This time our team has moved to Sant Fructuós street. In this way we have been responsible for improving all aspects of this property, from the section of interior design to the equipment.

As in all 100% complete renovation, we have also carried out painting and floor replacement work. In addition to a review and improvement of all the facilities of the house, from the electrical installation to the water pipes. The goal of our comprehensive renovation company is for you to enjoy your new home from day one.

Next we will comment on the improvements and details that we present in the following video. If you like it and think it’s time to improve your home, contact us. Call 93 209 97 17 and request your no-obligation renovation quote. You can find out more about the work done on our social networks.

Contemporary style

One of the first steps in a house renovation is to establish the new interior design of the home. To do this, we have a department made up of expert interior designers in Barcelona. The owners transfer their needs and are responsible for developing a project with 3D renderings that reflect what the end result will be.

In this case, we have opted for a contemporary interior design with a modern and welcoming image. In this way, spacious and bright spaces have been achieved, perfect characteristics for a home. The walls have been painted white and a parquet floor has been laid. This is how you see spaces such as the living room, the bedrooms or the hallway.

In general, it has been possible to provide this home with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The living room is suitable for both family reunions and with friends. The bedrooms offer an ideal space for rest. Other improvements in terms of image are the new white doors and modern image.

Open kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home. In addition, kitchen renovations are one of the most requested jobs. For this reason at Grupo Inventia we are specialists in this plot and we offer a wide variety of options. We have everything you need for your new kitchen. We adapt to your budget and offer the best qualities on the market.

In this case, an open kitchen renovation has been done. Now the kitchen is connected to the rest of the house and offers perfect mobility. It is distributed in an L-shape and fully equipped. At the far left, the refrigerator, oven and microwave have been integrated. There is also a custom space for a wine cellar.

From there, a white kitchen cabinet with two countertops equipped with a ceramic hob and sink is born. Both the bottom and top have drawers and cabinets for kitchen storage. The new image of the kitchen is in tune with the rest of the house. White furniture with gray countertops and the same parquet floor in medium shades of wood.

New bathroom

Another of the improvements made in this house renovation in Barcelona takes us to the bathroom. We have taken care of improving your interior design and installing new sanitary equipment. Our catalog of bathroom renovations is extensive and varied. We can adapt to different decorative styles and budgets.

The new sanitary equipment consists of a floating sink with two drawers for storage. In this way all bath products can be stored and organized. Then a couple of toilets and bidets have been installed. Both pieces are presented in modern lines. The bathtub has been maintained in the water area, which has been replaced and protected with a transparent screen.

The interior image of the bathroom has also changed for the better. Elegant beige tiles have been chosen for tiling the walls. In this way a bright and pleasant atmosphere has been achieved. The new image is topped by a gray tile floor. It is a visually beautiful and durable material.

House renovation budget

In the renovations company Grupo Inventia we are characterized by offering personalized advice throughout the process of your house renovation. Before that, we will accompany you and resolve any doubts you may have. We prepare your project without commitment and prepare a realistic budget tailored to your needs. Contact us and start enjoying your new home.