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House renovation in Santa Coloma de Cervelló

In addition to carrying out house renovations in Barcelona, we also moved to nearby towns. This is the case of the new house renovation that we have completed in Santa Coloma de Cervelló. A complete renovation work in which both the general image of the building and the equipment in key rooms such as the kitchen have been improved.

The improvements made in this house renovation in Santa Coloma de Cervelló are set out in the following video. In our Youtube channel you can see the videos of all the partial o total refonovations that we have realized. If you are interested in requesting a free and no-obligation quote, you can do so by calling 93 209 97 17.

New interior design

For the new image of this house renovation a contemporary decorative style has been thought. This means that neutral tones have been used to renew the interior design. This is a total success, as they are very grateful colors and generate very bright and visually spacious spaces.

For most walls, white has been chosen. This is perfect for cozy spaces and suitable for any type of decoration. It has also been combined with a parquet floor in light shades of wood. Once the house renovation is completed, the ideal image for a home can be seen.

Other changes that have been made in this interior design project have been the access doors to the rooms. All of them have been changed and now the house has white and modern doors. In addition, many of them are sliding. Thanks to this you can make the most of the space available in each room.

Kitchen renovation

In this house renovation in Santa Coloma de Cervelló, the kitchen has also been completely renovated. This is a key space in any home and in Grupo Inventia we have a department specialized in kitchen renovations. We do not find an open concept kitchen and very well defined. An L-shaped kitchen layout has been used to arrange its new elements.

In this way the kitchen has two sections of countertop with storage capacity in both the lower and upper area. This is where the oven and microwave, respectively, have been built in. The countertop on the left side offers a large support and work surface. It is also equipped with a ceramic hob.

The worktop twists to the right and gives way to a second section. This is also spacious and has a sink. For its part, the refrigerator is embedded on the right side. The new appliances installed in this kitchen remodel have a stainless steel finish.

House renovations in Barcelona

If you think that your home needs a house renovation in Grupo Inventia we have the right professionals for it. We prepare your project and budget without costs or commitment. You can request it by writing to or by filling in the form available on this same website.