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House renovation in Santander street of Barcelona

We recently completed the house renovation that we were carrying out in a house located on Santander street in the city of Barcelona. In it we were commissioned to improve and modernize the image of the building and to equip its rooms with everything necessary.

Before reviewing the details of this new house renovation work in Barcelona, ​​we share a video where you can see the finishes achieved by Grupo Inventia‘s team.

Contemporary style

One of the tasks to carry out was to apply a more current image to all the rooms in the house. In this case we opt for a contemporary style that is based on neutral tones that allow to fit in any decorative style.

Thus, the walls were painted beige and a parquet flooring was placed with natural wood finishes. In this way, warm and welcoming rooms that generated well-being were achieved. In the living room and the bedrooms, bright and very bright rooms were obtained visually.

Bathrooms renovation

At Grupo Inventia we also took care of the bathrooms renovation. The property had a couple and after the renovation both have a sanitary equipment that offers the best benefits in its use. It consists of a sink with built-in storage furniture, a toilet and a shower.

The two showers are protected by transparent sliding door screens, a very important detail as their presence avoids splashing into the rest of the room and when it is transparent, it does not leave any room left.

Bathroom design

In this bathrooms renovation, he opted for a neutral and cozy design. To do this, the walls were fully tiled with beige tile, a color that combines very well with other finishes. In fact, in one of the bathrooms, both the pavement and the tile in the shower are made of wood finish tiles, generating a very pleasant visual contrast.

House renovation in Barcelona

With Grupo Inventia you will have the comprehensive reform that you want, since we made a project and budget of house renovation adjusted to your tastes and needs. You can contact us and we will inform you without obligation.