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House renovation in València street of Barcelona

We recently completed a new house renovation work in Barcelona, ​​specifically València Street. Let’s discuss all the details, but before we shared a video with the finished work done by Grupo Inventia‘s team in all rooms.

Kitchen renovation

This is a very spacious and open kitchen, although visually delimited from its annexed room, the livingroom. For the layout of its new elements, a L-shaped distribution was chosen, as it was ideal for maximizing space and offering a lot of mobility.

On the right side was placed the first section of counter, extended and with storage capacity both in its lower part and higher. The counter offers a wide surface of support and work, at the same time that it is equipped with an individual sink. This twist to the left to give way to a second section on which a vitroceramic plate was installed and which extends the storage capacity with several drawers at the bottom.

Following the same line, but a little more in the background, the hollows were arranged to fit the appliances, composed of a microwave, oven and an American refrigerator.

Bathrooms renovation

The image of the main bathroom is very cool and cozy. In it, the walls were tiled in medium height with white colored tiles and painted a soft blue tone the rest of the wall until it reached the ceiling. That better combination for that reason than to place a hydraulic pavement with motifs of the same colors.

For its part, the sanitary equipment is complete and offers the best benefits and functionality in its use. It consists of a sink with built-in storage furniture, a suspended toilet and a practical shower with sliding door screens.

The property has a second bathroom that follows the same pattern as the previous one: walls tiled in medium height with white beveled tiles and beige paint on top. In turn, it also uses hydraulic floor tiles with a color equal to that of the walls.

It also has a complete sanitary equipment, composed of a sink with built-in storage furniture, a suspended toilet and a corner-protected shower with sliding transparent sliding doors.

House renovation in Barcelona

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